Monday, December 8, 2008

Stitchmarkers and Wedding Update

I made this tonight for a swap on (handmade crochet stitchmarkers). I used earring hooks and made a little tree to hang them on. I also added two more markers that have a snap-type hook and red beads. They look like ornaments on the tree.

I've been making markers a lot lately. I keep them in a glass Coke cup (it's really cute... the exact size and shape of a coke can).

Still working on Johnny & June (I'm in love with this! I've to the heel flap on the first one now) and will get back on the two scarves this week. They are just kind of boring.

About the wedding... it's been moved to May 8, 2010. My birthday! I'll be 23. We've decided, after much thinking and debating, to move it back 6 months because 1) Shawn may take an extra semester to graduate and I don't want to be relying on my paycheck for a full year (we can deal with a semester of it, but don't want to push it), 2) It would be much easier money-wise, and 3) the timing is actually better since it's not near a major holiday (like Nov. 13 is) and it's a Saturday (not a Friday), and it's my birthday! I did tell Shawn that I expect TWO gifts and he can't get by with just one gift for both ocassions.

I was a little sad about moving the wedding, but also kind of glad about it. I was actually kind of nervous about it before! Just a big move... no cold feet here, but it's kind of scary thinking of finding a house up here in Dahlonega, transferring my job, etc. Now it's 6 months later, so out of mind for now. We were in major planning mode last week and weddings cost soooo much! Another reason to be glad that I'll be working almost 1 year before the big day.

We've decided to go with a simpler ceremony/reception and go on a really wonderful nice big honeymoon. Seriously, the actual ceremony is so short, there's no reason to spend thousands on it. We're inviting around 130 or so people, hope to have the ceremony/reception at a church (that my mom, and eventually I, go to), and the food will be Korean. Not too much of a Korean theme, but the food/favors will definitely be that way and the invites/etc. will have Hangul and English on them. The cake? Slightly birthday looking (not too obviously birthday, but a little). Yeah, a mix of things, but it's our wedding and that's Ok!

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~ Phyllis ~ said...

Sounds like a good plan. Plenty of time to take your time with all the many arrangements.