Thursday, December 18, 2008


Of my list of things to do, working the horses and getting the loom warped was about all I accomplished! Not good, but at least I'm weaving again (it took me way too long to get it warped... I kept getting interrupted, distracted, and was just slow about it in general).

It's just acrylic (Red Heart). It's what we had enough of in the house that's safe to machine wash/dry. I'm making placemats for Moma. They will be backed with batting/cloth. I only have a 5 DPI reed and worsted weight yarn is making a very light and airy fabric, thus the backing. I hope to have enough money to get a few cones of cotton at WallyWorld tonight to be able to get a rug (yarn held doubled for warp, tripled for weft) on the loom by tomorrow. I want to make the rug for Arthur and Michelle as a housewarming gift (they recently moved into a rented house from their apartment).

We are setting up at the flea market this Saturday in hopes to getting enough money to get a few gifts (we're that poor right now!), so I'll have plenty of time to work on Arthur's illusion scarf. I plan on getting as far as I can with the yarn I have, then finish it up when I go up to campus the 31st (Johnny Cash has a grooming appointment in Roswell) and can get the rest of the yarn.

We may have sold another Poodle puppy! I'm meeting a couple tomorrow morning with the 3 males to let them look. Like most couples that have purchased pups from us, the wife is all for it and the husband is afraid of getting a sissy dog. I'm taking Johnny with me to show him that Standards aren't sissy dogs, but are gorgeous hunting dogs! Seeing those pups will make anyone a lover, though.

I put new pics of the babies up today on our kennel blog. Check it out. We let them all play in the yard today and it was really cute.

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