Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Gift Down, Many More To Go

I made this yesterday night. It's the Snowflake Ornament from Interweave Knits Gift magazine. It's a free pattern and has other ornament patterns on the pdf. I plan on making the knitted ball ornament sometime this year as well. I used US 8 dpns and white Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. It was a very quick knit and the crochet edging was easy as pie. I'm glad to have this finished... every Christmas, Shawn and I give each other an ornament and it's usually a mad rush for the both of us to find a good one at the last minute. Feels good to not procrastinate (on my end, at least) for once.

Shawn bought me these hippos yesterday... isn't he sweet and aren't they cute?! I love hippos and have quite the collection of the critters. This moma and baby pair are from the Planet Earth collection (from the tv series).

More sock progress. I'm almost finished with one pattern repeat. The color is between the two pictures... the turquoise is relatively bright, but the purples and rust are a bit darker. I think I need to take pictures of this yarn in the early morning light.

Anita O commented on how I knit myself gifts... I love knitting myself gifts for holidays/special ocassions! Most knitters craft for others and rarely make something for themselves (that doesn't end up being gifted to someone else anyway). I think that we should all make things that are just for us as gifts. I'm trying to make myself a pair of socks for major milestones in my life. Ok, some aren't so major (like finishing out a semester or going to SAFF), but others are... graduating college, birthdays, Christmas, the start of my career, marriage (I'm so wearing handknit socks on my wedding day!), etc. So, all you knitters/crocheters/weavers/whatevers, make something for yourself and cherish it!


lunaticraft said...

I love the hippos. They're so cute!

Anita O said...

I love hippos!!
Your sock looks nice.
And I'm very impressed that you already have your ornament done!

Lupie said...

You are so right! I recently made a hat and a scarf for myself and I do cherish it!