Friday, January 23, 2009


At SAFF, I bought one of the Politically Incorrect One Night Stand batts. Mine is Atticus.

Not normally the colors that I go for, but I love this fiber! It's a blend of Merino and Corriedale wools and the colors are so bright.

I began spinning it up this afternoon and have half the batt finished. I'm debating on whether or not to keep the colors together in the ply or to make it random. I usually opt not to make a selfstriping yarn and go with random colors coming through since I'm not a huge fan of pure color striping. However, I still haven't decided on what to do. I'll be plying the rest up tomorrow, so have until then to decide. Oh, this will be a 2-ply and I would keep the color purity through spinning the second half of the batt in the same color sequence, then plying. I don't really enjoy Navajo-plying and want to get more yardage than a 3-ply would allow. The colors would match up entirely, but would be very close.

No real plan on what this is going to become... I was thinking of incorporating the finished yarn into some colorwork mittens (though, it would probably be better for mittens if I keep the striping pure), or maybe make a cowl or scarf or something. I had planned on socks when I first bought it, but I hate hiding pretty yarn in my shoes.

Suggestions? Keep the stripes pure or make it more random? What should it become? I think it will be around a DK weight yarn (though, can't be too sure until it's finished and washed).


lizzzknits said...

I would definitely go for the stripes. If you blended the very distinct colors, it may get a bit murky. Would make a great hat or fingerless mitts.

Anita O said...

I have no idea what you should do. However, the colors are brilliant. I just made a cowl last night, and I think it's going to become my favorite cold weather accessory. So I vote for a cowl!