Monday, January 12, 2009

Books & Charity Hat #3

I've read 2 books so far this year...

The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber.

A two-time cancer survivor opens a yarn shop as an affirmation of life and meets three very different women in very different stages of life/situation. Seemingly too different to ever become friends, the four women form strong bonds over a shared craft... knitting. This book tells the stories of these women; their trials, successes, failures, relationships, and personal thoughts are covered.

I am an avid fiber artist and really enjoyed this book. Macomber did an excellent job of telling the story effectively (each chapter is from a different character’s view without becoming repetitive) and she got human nature spot on. I think that everyone can identify with the relationship issues brought up in this book. It was quick and easy and just a good story. Not too thought-provoking, no difficult to thing about issues, or anything like that... just an enjoyable read. I plan on reading the other three books of this series (A Good Yarn, Back on Blossom Street, Twenty Wishes).

Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo by Heather Wardell (she's on Ravelry as SapphireNinja).

Candice is a designer’s assistant in a stressed marriage. Her husband, who hasn’t gotten over his parents’ death (who died while they were buying a gift for Candice), is going away for four weeks on a business trip. Candice plans on taking this time apart to think about their relationship and if she wants to continue it. She gets a new client... her ex-boyfriend and first love. He comforts her when she finds herself in a vulnerable and emotional moment and things spiral from there. He wants her back and she can’t help but have feelings for him. She is torn between the flame and the familiar... should she pick the exciting ex or her stable husband?

I tend to think of myself as a non-romance type of person, but I did enjoy this book. I think everyone has felt the tug between what’s forbidden and what’s right. This is a love story and a tale of character development (Candy finds out who she is and what she wants to be) and is not a sappy, lustful romance novel with Fabio on the front cover. I was able to relate to this book and found it a very good read. I got through it quickly and loved that it was online (pdf and Mobipocket/Kindle formats). It is the author’s first free online book.

I'm currently reading The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly and love it. It's such a good book. I hope to finish it soon so that I can start on a book or two for classes this semester.

I managed to get another hat knocked out today...

It's my favorite beanie pattern (simple hdc hat pattern). I was too busy reading and accidentally added an extra increase round, so it's kinda big, but still very wearable (I could wear it, though it's loose). Same yarns as hat #1.


Heather Wardell said...

Thanks so much for reading my book!

And that hat is adorable - I especially like the model. :)


Anita O said...

Interesting. I'm always up for a good read. Thanks for doing a review. I also am not a sappy romance reader and I accidentally read one. It's a modern day Pride and Prejudice. I think the author did a good job, though the sex scenes could have been nixed (too cliched).
the hat looks great. I'm on the decrease on my Who? hat but I'm waiting on my DPN's to arrive so I can finish it.

And how in the world do you read and crochet? I have to pay attention to where I put my hook!

lunaticraft said...

Well, I def. have some books to add to my list now! Thanks for the reviews!

And that hat is really cute!