Thursday, January 29, 2009


I've been getting some knitting and crocheting done and have a few FOs to show off:

These are two more preemie hats. I have a total of 6 made. These two are made from Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton. I love this yarn... it's so soft!

The bias garter stitch scarf is finally finished! I left the bind off end pointy because I wanted to make it as long as possible and I like the way it looks. I wish that I had done the beginning end like this as well. The picture is a little washed out and the colors are deeper in real life.

And, I finally got around to plying the One Night Stand "Atticus" batt... I ended up following the advice of Lizzzknits and kept the colors pure. It turned out better than I thought that it would. I spun the two halves of the batt on two bobbins in the same color sequence, then plied. The colors matched up pretty well and in the places where it didn't, it just added to the color transitions. I really like it. I got around 257 yards and its sport/dk weight. Now, what to do with it? Anyone have a good pattern for this yarn? The color runs are pretty long, so colorwork mittens probably aren't going to work like I had hoped. I'm not wanting to make another scarf.

Shawn bought me a set of crochet hooks yesterday... isn't he sweet? I now have sizes D through I, which I really needed since I only had size G and a bunch of thread-sized hooks before.

I got the January/February Crochet Today magazine yesterday and it's a good one. I usually find this magazine hit or miss with the patterns, but I LOVE the Knotty Pillows, Layering Cardi, Fireside Throw, Hearth Rug, and Plush Baby Blocks. Lots of great patterns... you should go and check it out.

Speaking of magazines, have you seen the latest issue of Vogue Knitting? On page 16, there is a very upsetting interview with the author of the new book, Sweaters That Talk Back. Now, I am not upset by them interviewing this author... it is fiber-related. However, I'm am furious over the comments made by the author. She says that conservative knitters are not very creative and specifically mentions conservatives on Ravelry. I'm conservative and don't care that she's super-liberal. It's the fact that she says that conservatives are uncreative. I would be equally upset if the tables were turned and someone said that liberals were uncreative. It's inappropriate, rude, and unfair to make such broad statements. I will not be purchasing Vogue Knitting in the future and plan on writing them a letter stating why. Also, I checked out some of her stuff on Ravelry and found some of it very offensive... the language is vulgar (an example would be 'C#nty First' (the # is a 'u' in her work, I refuse to type it out) as a vulgar spoof of 'Country First'). I would oppose that sort of language on anything, regardless of the message being made.


lunaticraft said...

That yarn looks amazing, and that scarf is fabulous!

As for that interview, I haven't read it, but it sounds terrible. I hate people who make sweeping generalizations like that, and who trash the other side just to trash them. I'm very much a liberal, but throwing out insults about a certian group of people just because they fall on a different end of the political spectrum than you is just obnoxious and reprehensible. Some of the most creative people I know are conservative! Not to mention, I know plenty of my fellow liberals who are totally uncreative. The notion that political beleifs have anything to do with someone's creativity is rediculous.

Oh, and one more thing to add to the longest blog comment ever. I'm so sorry to read about your poor little Squishy. It's so hard to loose such a beloved pet, and my thoughts and goodwill will be with you, (and him as well).

Anita O said...

that is fabulous yarn! How about a fun funky cowl? I'm so drooling right now.
And I agree with your Vogue knitting comment. I haven't read it, but I think to say conservatives are uncreative is unfair.