Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gift Knitting Started!

I made this cute guy and his dinner yesterday afternoon for Arthur for his birthday. It is such a cute pattern (pattern link) and crocheted up so quickly! I love the little flies. Even though Arty will be 20 in March, he still appreciates and loves this sort of thing (remember, last year he got the Mochimochi Land Sleepy Snake & Mischevious Mouse!).

This is the start of my new socks, using the Araucania Ranco Multy yarn. The pictures in natural light are washing the colors out and the ones with a flash are way to white. Oh well... just imagine this yarn a little more saturated and you'll get the true color.

I decided not to make Tempest and am going with Slippery Socks instead. I think it suits the colorway better. Those slipped stitches are really popping and I'm loving where there are color changes and you can really see them. I showed the best side in the picture (purplish background and turquoisey-cream slipped stitches. These socks are for me, for my birthday (in May). I'm trying to get an early start on everything since I have a lot of gift knitting to do this year (not just for Christmas, but also birthdays, Mothers/Fathers Day, etc.). Now, the question will be if I can hold off on wearing these until my birthday! I don't think so, but will be sure to wear them then.

Next few things up on the queue are: finish the bias garter stitch scarf (getting there!), a knitted ornament for Shawn (Christmas), Pomatomus Socks (me, graduation gift), a few crocheted balls for Arthur's dog (Fifa), a slouchy beret for Michelle (Christmas), finish the Scrappy rug, and, of course, more hats for charity. These things I hope to be finished with by the end of February.


lunaticraft said...

That sock yarn is knitting up beautifully!

Anita O said...

You knit yourself gifts! I love that idea. I just get myself yarn. I've never thought of knitting myself a gift.
Good luck with the gift knitting!