Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's Snowing!

It had snowed for a few minutes last month, before school let out. Nothing sticked, but it was fun and exciting anyway.

Now, it's snowing pretty good and it sticking a good bit. The cars have snow and the parking lot is a bit snowy in areas. I really hope that it keeps coming and keeps sticking so that Shawn and I can do my snow-day tradition... go get Chinese food takeout and watch movies and knit in my comfy pajamas.

Knit group was fun today. I'm going to try to make the Monday night meets as well as the Saturday ones. I need to be a little more social and I have fun at the groups.

Here's hat number six. No real pattern... I just did 5 rounds of 1x1 ribbing, stockinette until I felt that it was enough, then start decreasing. I used US 10 needles and the yarn is Lion Brand Thick n Quick in charcoal. It was leftover from Shawn's scarf I made a little over a year ago. I have enough left for a little something (possibly another hat). It's a child's size hat. I love it.

I finished John Connolly's The Book of Lost Things and absolutely loved it. David gets lost in reading books after his mother dies and his father has a new wife (and a new baby son). He is soon in a new world that is full of strange (and, often, dangerous) creatures. He must travel to the king in order to return to his world. David overcomes many challenges on his way and discovers a lot about himself and humans in general. This is a story of loss and coping, as well as the transition from child to adult. The book is full of twisted versions of fairy tales and includes a short interview and the original versions of the fairy tales in the back (it also explains the connection of the tales with the book). Wonderful read and highly recommended.


Turtle said...

wow snow!!! (kinda lucky girl, i'm not sick of it again!) enjoy your weekend! makes for good knitting.

Anita O said...

Nice hat. Another book, heh? I can't find time to read. I wish I did. But then I'd have to give up knitting, and that is not going to happen.
I like the hat. Cute.