Sunday, January 11, 2009

Knitting and Crocheting

Thank you, everyone, for the comments on the Who? hat. I will be making a hat for myself (not sure which pattern yet, though) since it seems that I'm wrong and don't look awful in hats.

I went to the NEGA knitting group yesterday and loved it. The group was smaller than normal, apparently, due to a weaving and spinning thing going on elsewhere. Those that were there were very nice and I felt very welcome. I must gripe at the price of things at Panera, but coffee seems to have become a gourmet thing, a little luxury, that I cannot indulge in often.

One of the members, the only guy there yesterday, brought a destash bag of random yarns he no longer wanted/needed. I didn't want to seem greedy, but he really wanted it all gone, so I took 2 skeins of Red Heart (for charity hats) and 2 small skeins of some mercerized cotton in pretty greens (I can't remember what he said it was and there aren't ballbands). I started this in one of the acrylic skeins:

It's going to be a bag to stash charity hats in. I'll keep it in my truck so that hats are handy for when I meet someone who needs one, and to keep the hats from floating around the cab. I'm calling it my hobo bag. Shawn thinks I'm awful for calling my homeless people hat bag a hobo bag, but I find puns and the like so clever and I love them. I admit, this was supposed to be a hat, but it would only fit a gorilla it's so big. I can't bring myself to frog it back to fix it, so it's now becoming a bag.

This is my progress on Scrappy, the shortrow spiral project. It's going to be a felted rug for Arthur and Michelle (I think... I rather like it and am tempted to keep it as an afghan, but I think I will give it to them to be stepped on (*wince*) and make myself one in Wool-Ease). It's a fun, mindless project.

I finished sock number one of Johnny & June a while ago, but am just now around to taking pictures of it. Looking at the picture, I realize that my feet are really small... unproportionate to the thickness of my legs. Time to start walking more, I think. Anyway, I'm well into the leg of sock number two and will finish by the end of the month at the latest (probably by the end of the week, if I can help it).


lizzzknits said...

I like the idea of a felted rug. I may have to give that a try.

lunaticraft said...

That's going to be an awesome rug. Seriously.

Anita O said...

A hobo bag. I love it. It's funny and true. I get and appreciate jokes like that.

the socks are great. I love the color.

And the rug is nice too. I don't know if I could spend so much time on a rug, to be stepped on, and yours is beautiful! I'd be tempted to keep it too!