Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's Talk About Goals

I know I did the resolution thing, but I need to set definite fiber goals this year and make a list of what projects I know I want to complete.


* Acorn Stash Socks - Moma, Me
* Tempest Socks - Me
* Earl Gray Socks - Shawn
* Plain Stockinette Socks - Daddy (2 pairs)
* BFF Socks - Michelle
* Monkey Socks - Moma
* Pomatomus Socks - Me
* Charade Socks - Me
* Sean Stocking - Shawn, Me
* Bender Bending Rodriguez doll - Arthur
* Mr. Bean Bear - Arthur
* Knitted Lace Jewelry Frame - Moma
* Felted Bag - Moma
* Retro Wedge Felted Bag - Me
* Back To School Cloths - RAK to Portugal
* Rusted Root - Me
* Tree Jacket - Me
* Pocketbook Slippers - Moma, Me
* Crocheted Ear Things - Acorn, Rowdy
* Felted Pet Beds - Gideon, Mitzi
* Sweaters - Gideon, Mitzi
* Blanket - Black Jack
* Felted Hammock & Tent Set - Squishy, Smoochy, Crunchy
* Felted Balls - Fifa, Aigo, Eunny
* 52 Hats - Homeless in Georgia


* Fiber craft daily
* Design a few things
* Get at least a pair of socks done per month
* Spin at least 3 times per week
* Make fiber purchases at Stitches South and SAFF only. Buy elsewhere only if absolutely necessary!
* Go to stash first, purchase second.
* No UFOs. Finish what I'm working on before going on to the next (no more than 4 WIPs at a time).

It's going to be tough, but I think I can do all this before the end of the year. A lot of this is gift knitting/crocheting. I'm starting now, so should be plenty of time before Christmas to finish them all.


Anita O said...

You are so ambitious!
I like the list. You can go back and check off what you've done and see real progress. And you'll be getting your gift knitting done too.

Heather Wardell said...

What a fantastic list! My list for the rest of my life probably isn't this long. :) But then I get bored with a project and frog it and start something else, which makes it tough to finish!

lizzzknits said...

That's a lot of projects. I can only consider a few at a time or else I would be overwhelmed....

Get knitting!