Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Socks That Rock (and hat #4)

I won this gorgeous skein of Socks That Rock Lightweight (colorway, Lunasea) from Irisheyes Knitters (link in sidebar) for the charity hat contest. Isn't it beautiful? I've long lusted over STR and now finally have the chance to work with it. I know I'll love it. Been scouring Ravelry for good patterns for it and have a few ideas.

This is hat number 4. I know it's probably boring seeing all these hats, but get used to it! I'm on a roll, for now at least, but I'll soon get tired of hats and quit for a while. This is another beanie that I modded to add the design into. The yarn is a mystery wool from my Korean grandmother's stash.

Shawn's 24th birthday is tomorrow! He's getting old! We celebrated tonight since we both have a night class tomorrow and he has CQ duty (he has to watch his hall while the freshman have quarters (mandatory study)) and he was feeling a bit down about one of his classes. We went to dinner, then stopped by Blockbuster and Walmart. We watched most of The Count of Monte Cristo before he had to go, so we'll finish it up tomorrow. He gets his gift then as well... I bought him a Korean grill thing to cook bulgogi (grilled meat) on.


Lupie said...

Love the hat!
Happy 24th Shawn! Right he is old.
Wait for his 56th birthday then he will be super old like me.

Anita O said...

OOOhhh, I like the yarn. congrats on the win.
MMM, bulgogi sounds good right about now. Now I got to send hubby to the market for dinner. I hope Shawn appreciates his gift, since we just do it in the pan!

Oh yeah, nice hat. You are on a roll I'm only on #1 still. but I will catch up soon.

lunaticraft said...

That hat is adorable, and I am so jealous of the yarn!