Friday, January 23, 2009

Spring Break

1. Oh, I am so ready for spring break!
2. All that matters changes, big and little.
3. During class, I usually make lists rather than take notes.
4. Hilary as Secretary of State; are you kidding me???
5. Right now I'd like to be sleeping.
6. My GameBoy Color is my favorite gadget.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to knitting, tomorrow my plans include a date with Shawn, and, Sunday, I want to relax!

I should be in bed since I need to wake up at 0800 to get ready for my 0905 class, but I've been having troubles getting to sleep lately.

I have some exciting news! Shawn and I are possibly going to Washington, D.C., for spring break in March! I've never been and am dying to get to the Holocaust Museum. I love Holocaust history and going there would just be amazing. I'm shaking with excitement, just thinking about it. I also want to see all the monuments, memorials, and museums (Smithsonian!). Shawn really wants to see the airplane/space/something like that museum/center.

We are both writing huge research papers for a class (20th c. Europe) and the Holocaust Museum and the aviation one would be so helpful in our research (I'm writing mine on medical advancements that came out of the Holocaust and the ethics of using that information and he's writing his on how German aviation in WWII affected the outcome of the war).

Finances look like they will be Ok for this trip, planning it will be a little work, and I really hope that we are able to go. Neither of us has ever been on a "real" spring break and this is my last one, so we thought we'd make it good. Panama City Beach and being drunk for a week isn't our idea of fun... we're nerds and much prefer drowning in history for that time.

Still trucking along on the sock and am about halfway through the leg on sock number one. The bias garter stitch scarf is *this close* to being finished. Boring, but I'm sick of it on the needles and just want it to be a FO.

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Anita O said...

Oh that sounds like great fun. And who says spring break has to be going to the beach and getting drunk? I would rather much prefer something memorable. Make sure you take lots of pics (if allowed!) and post here.