Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was thinking that Indie the hamster might be pregnant. She had gained a lot of weight in her middle and had the sunken midline down her belly with the bulges on both sides... a sign of pregnancy. The pet store is good about separating males from females, but Indie was with a group of other hamsters when I bought her and it's always a very good possibility pet store females are bred when they are sold.

We have 8 (I think, just a quick count for now) little ones! I am not thrilled because I'm in a campus apartment where pets aren't allowed (and I'm already sneaking in the 2 rats and Indie), but I can't help but love babies and love breeding. I haven't had a hamster litter in about 5 years now, so it is exciting.

Indie Hamu-Hamu is a good mommy and I hope that everyone does Ok (hamster moms can be a bit unpredictable sometimes). Anyone in Georgia want a hamster?


lunaticraft said...

Wow, I forgot how tiny they are when they're first born! We had a pair of hamsters that were incorrectly sexed at the pet store once when my brother and I were little. We had no idea they weren't both boys until... surprise! We got the male out of there super quick, but that first litter, unfortunatly we learned exactly how unpredictable hamster mothers can be... But, we then bred them twice more, and had two healthy litters of cuties!

Good luck with the little guys! =D

lizzzknits said...

Mazel Tov on your new babies. I am glad it is you and not me!! The only time my kids had a hamster it too grew fat, but turns out it was a tumor that eventually did her in. Best wishes on yours!

Anita O said...

I would love to take a few off your hands. Too bad I'm so far away. They are kind of cute though.
Good luck with them!

Jo said...

I've been wanting a hamster for a while now, but I think I'm a bit too far away too. They're cute though, and congratulations!