Monday, February 2, 2009

Black Jack

Picture taken Summer 2007.

Name: Black Jack
DOB: Unknown; born 1992
Sex: Female
Breed: Mix
Joined our family: March 1996

Her story: Black Jack was dumped in our yard. I was outside playing and saw it happen and named her Black Jack (I thought that she was a boy at first glance (didn't check for sure) and had just finished watching Black Beauty where one of his names is Black Jack). She was friendly and my mom let me keep her. My dad came home from work and promptly pepper-sprayed her, thinking that she was another stray. He soon learned that she was my new dog.

Black Jack and I are best buddies. She would walk me to the end of the driveway every morning to wait for the bus and was waiting for me at the end of the driveway every afternoon waiting for me to get off the bus. We played constantly and she loves to jump on things. I fully obedience trained her... I was 9 and she was my first dog I ever trained.

If I didn't ride the bus home and went with a friend instead, Black Jack would mope down the driveway after the bus came. She would lay under the truck and refuse to eat, drink, or even move until I came back home. No amount of coaxing or treats would make her move or eat (not even hot dogs, one of her favorites). As I got older, she got better about this. I think it's because I was home less and less.

Black Jack is 17 years old now and isn't as active, but still loves to go exploring in the woods (she goes to the gait and scratches at it and we let her out to roam until she wants back onto the property) and she loves to go with us when we walk or ride horses. She adores car rides and ducks her head down when we pass under bridges. She is now deaf and has limited sight due to cataracts, but she gets around great and still dances around and wiggles her butt when she sees me come home from school (her tail is docked and she's so cute when she does the happy dance).

She's the sweetest dog, but stands her ground and is a dominant female. She is wonderful with other animals and never chases cats or rabbits or anything like that. I know that the end is coming soon, but I think that she'll be the type to be healthy and running the day before she goes naturally. That's the best way.

This picture was taken Fall 2008.

Picture taken 1997 or so. Black Jack and I participated in the annual Pet Parade in our county. She is so good about wearing clothes. We won a bike that year!

Picture taken in 2006.

Picture taken Fall 2008. Black Jack napping on the porch, kind of in her crate.


Anita O said...

What a regal old dog! She's beautiful and full of character. I'm already in love with her. You are just so blessed to be around animals and love them, and be loved by them. How awesome!
And I'm sure the home you gave her was tons better than the one she came from!

Christy said...

What a a sweetheart. Makes me want to go hug my babies (the puppies--not the kids). Hope everything is going well.

lunaticraft said...

She's beautiful! Her face shape makes me think she's got some Lab in her... She looks like a black furred version of my own girl!