Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've been interested in cardmaking for a while now and have finally tried it out (I joined a swap on swap-bot.com)...

This is the first one that I made. I made myself a similar bookmark a few days ago and love it, so used it as inspiration for this card. It's hard to see, but the envelope has a watermarked owl on it. All the cards are blank inside (minus an appropriate stamp) for my pals to send off to someone else.

This one was the second one. Again, watermark is on the envie (it says "adore" and has some fancy swirlies and schwoopies around it). The Love on the ribbon is wire I bent into shape.

The third one. The same adore watermark on this envie as well.

And, the last one. I like this one a lot. There is a flower watermark on the envelope (same as the flowers on the card).

>Cardmaking is really fun (and really messy with all the scraps and supplies!). I'll be making another one, probably Thursday, for Arthur's birthday. It's on the 3rd, but I'll be celebrating with him on Saturday.

>Ugh. I have a midterm tomorrow in Mongol Conquests (difficult class!) and a midterm paper due in 20th century Europe. I'm about halfway through with studying and will write the paper before class tomorrow (it's a night class). No fun!


Megan said...

The cards are so cool.

I like the last one the best too!

Good luck on that mid-term.

Anita O said...

Wow, you are amazing. I've thought about card making as well. I love your cards. Very nice!

lunaticraft said...

I think the bottom one is my favorite too! But I like them all, really.

Good luck on your test and paper!

TheSquibler said...

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