Monday, February 23, 2009


Picture taken summer 2007.

Name: Josie (Jo-Jo, Jo)
DOB: August 2003
Sex: Female (spayed)
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier Mix
Joined Our Famiy: December 2003

Her Story: Jo came from one of our neighbors. We had gone over to visit and came back with a scrappy little puppy. She was supposed to be my dog, but she instantly bonded with my mom and is her dog 100%. A true terrier, she suffers severe separation anxiety when my mom isn't around!

Josie has had one litter of puppies with Fifa, my brother's Yorkie. They were precious and I fell in love with one little male, named Banjo:

He went to live with a mouse breeder friend in Florida, but sadly got hit by a car a year later and died. I should have kept the little guy.

Josie is hyper, but lazy at the same time. She loves to laze around, but when it's time to play she's all for it. Jo-Jo loves to go for walks and car rides.

You can't say the words "Bye-Bye" or "Cookie" around her without having her jump 4 feet straight into the air. She's crazy, but my mom loves her and I think Jo would die without my mom.

Picture taken summer 2007.

Picture taken winter 2006. Josie was making the sillest face and I had to get a picture of it.


Lupie said...

I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. Check my blog.
Josie is a cutie!

Anita O said...

Now that's a cute dog. She does look silly in the last pic. Wow, your animals have a nice home :)

lunaticraft said...

What a sweetie!