Thursday, February 19, 2009

Knit Knit Knit

I have several things on the needles right now, some of which is deadline knitting. I have three things going that need to be finished soon and two others that are in line right behind.

This is one of the two things that aren't on a close deadline (the other being my Slippery Socks):

This is Cookie A.'s BFF Socks in Plymouth Happy Feet. It's going to be a Christmas gift for Michelle. Long deadline, which is nice.

Then we have the deadline-coming-up-soon knitting:

My progress on my cousin Sabrina's Birdie Bag. I have to go 15 inches in stockinette before anything changes. Not exciting, but the color is so pretty and I'm loving my KP needles! As soon as this is finished, I have another to do in blue and a red/blue Spiderman bag. These have no real deadline, but need to be finished asap so that I can get them sent off to Florida. It would be nice to send them to my cousins before the school year is finished with!

Another deadline project (no pic yet) is a cozy for Shawn's new MacBook (I swear, he loves that thing more than he loves me). He wants a black case to keep it from getting scratched up in his bookbag. I'm using Plymouth Encore and will be duplicate stitching a white apple onto it. He wants this now and I want to finish it now because he so rarely asks for my knitting! He's supportive of everything that I do and dabble in, but doesn't really have uses/wants for my stuff. I want to make sure that I get this thing finished and that it's perfect for him.

Then, there's this:

Well, this isn't my work, but I'm making one. This particular dress (and picture) are from Spinster Knits. She is a member of my spinning guild and sells these cute upcycled dresses on her etsy store. The skirts are made from recycled thrift finds or, if it's a commission piece, from fabric the buyer has that they want to use (usually something cherished like a grandmother's party dress, linens from a wedding, etc). I'm test knitting the pattern for her! I'm using Knit Picks CotLin in a navy blue and it's really pretty. The pattern will be featured in Altered Couture Magazine in May and she'll be offering the pattern for sale on her etsy shop soon. How exciting for her!

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Megan said...

I have some Koigu from a swap just waiting to be made into BFF socks.

I love that dress- can't wait to see how yours turns out!