Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I finally finished number one of the Slippery Socks (in Araucania Ranco Multy):

Please forgive the flashy pictures! I'll take better ones when I finish sock number two and have a pair to show off. I did mod this a bit and will tell how once I have a true FO.

I also started on a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) that will be going off to Portugal once I'm finished.

It's Back To School. There are seven washcloths... 5 of which have responsible words (mine will say Study, Learn, Write, Think, and Read) and 2 of which have weekend words (Party and Relax). The girl who's getting these is starting college in September... I figured that I would make them for her since I'm about to finish and she's about to begin!

Something else fun and exciting...

This is Indie, my new pet! Shawn and I went to Gainesville to get my allergy shots and we popped in Smiley's Pets on the way back. I have been thinking of getting a hamster (I've been missing having them around) and they had a good selection. This little girl is the one that came home with me. Indie is my favorite color in Syrian Hamster... sable. I love it. She's a longhair, though I don't think that it will get very long. When I was breeding them, I had several get coats that were 3-4 inches long. That came from selective breeding, which isn't really done in pet store animals, unfortunately.

Shawn thinks I'm crazy, but I'm not (ok, maybe a little when it comes to new pets, but I love them all and they all have a great home!). I did promise him that I wouldn't get any more pet animals until we get married... that doesn't include animals that aren't personal pet companion animals (like my rabbit herd or goats/sheep) or replacements for lost pets.


Carina said...

I love that the word on your cloth is in cursive! Makes it more personal somehow, really cool.

The hamster is too cute :)

Anita O said...

Awww, a cute little hamster. she's a cutie for sure.
And if you love animals, there's no problem having them. I know you take very good care of them and that there's lots of love.
Oh yeah, the sock is nice. I am going to cast on a pair in Ranco soon...