Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Day

I had a great Valentine's Day.

It started with getting up early and having some of the nice ladies from my knitting group picking me up (with wheel and knitting in tow) to go to the spinning guild meeting.

I started spinning some of the Zeilinger wool I got from SAFF:

I watched another member Navajo-ply today (Thanks, Tammy! Your plying is gorgeous!) and think I'll give it another try with this yarn. I'm spinning it pretty thin and it will be a nice sock yarn when I'm finished (hopefully!).

I also worked more on the Sal bag:
I joined the guild today and paid my dues. I really love all this fiber friendliness and wish that I had gotten involved earlier. I am going to try to schedule days off from work to be able to come to meetings after I graduate.

I bought some lampwork buttons from a guild member and some goats milk soap:

I am going on a fiber trip in March! I'm beyond excited... a good group of us are spending the weekend in a bed & breakfast in the mountains. The whole place is reserved for us and we'll just be relaxing and working on whatever we brought to do. Some of the wonderful ladies I'm going with went before and took a weaving class and loved the place. They say that the food alone is worth the cost (which is a really great deal).

Shawn and I went to Dawsonville tonight for dinner and a movie. Dinner didn't go quite as planned (of course, everywhere was packed), so we decided to eat something quick and simple and see a movie for tonight (a nice lunch/dinner for tomorrow). We ate Chic-fil-a (and got serenaded by a youth quartet that was there) and saw Taken. It was pretty good, but no real story to it (ex-government agent's daughter gets kidnapped, he goes to save her). I think that's to be expected in today's movies, though... they seem to fill in plot gaps/lack of story with action scenes.

Shawn made me this sweet card:

It has a sweet E.E. Cummings poem in it and Yobo, Sahrahng Heh (Honey, I love you) in Korean.


Lupie said...

Those lampwork buttons are just beautiful.
Your future trip to B&B sound great. That may be something my group may like to do.

Tammy said...

It is a pleasure to have you in our Knitting group and Spinning guild - you are such an inspiration! Can hardly wait until our March trip either.
Happy Spinning and Knitting, Tammy

Anita O said...

I love chik-fi-a. Sounds like a nice date.
the card is awesome. Really. I saw the Korean at the bottom. Though I can't read, write, or speak it, I can recognize it!
you will have an awesome time at your retreat. What a fun way to relax. I hope you take pics and blog about it.

lunaticraft said...

Looks like you had an amazing Valintines day! That bag is going to be amazing. And those little soaps? SO CUTE.

And a fiber retreat? Such a great idea. I could use one of those right about now, but I can't afford the time off of homework! =D

sunsetknitter said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's day..quartet and all.
Shawn's card is beautiful!

A fiber retreat sounds like heaven on earth. Please take lots of pictures for your blog!