Friday, February 13, 2009

Prairie Dusk

Finished! It's drying from a bath as I type this.
The top picture is 109 yards of a heavy worsted and the bottom is 123 yards of light worsted-worsted.
Gorgeous! Now, what to do with it?


lunaticraft said...

Freaking gorgeous!

It's screaming shawl or scarf at me. But then again, pretty much everything screams shawl or scarf at me. =D

Turtle said...

i am also agreeing on a shawl, beautiful!

lizzzknits said...

Oooooh! Pretty!!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

It looks beautiful. I agree with the others. It looks like a nice shawl.

Lupie said...

It is amazing!!!!

Anita O said...

Wow, what an amazing color. I love it! It looks like a shiny copper penny.
Hmm, with that yardage, I'd say a hat, fingerless mitts, or a cowl/neckwarmer.