Thursday, February 12, 2009

Progress On Sal's Bag

This is what I have finished so far. The color is a lot more vibrant in real life. I love how the color gradually changes. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get all the colors in this bag before it got too tall (the color runs are pretty long), but I think I'll have no problems with that now. I am going to use up all the yarn for this project (strap, pockets if necessary) because I hate having tiny amounts left over from a project that aren't enough to add to Scrappy (the rug I'm making for Arthur and Michelle).

I won't be felting this. I like the look of knitted fabric, so will just be lining it.

I've been (barely) working on the second Slippery Sock and am about halfway through the first repeat on the leg. It's just not that fun to knit (interesting because of the complex charts, but not fun at all). I'll be glad when it's finished.

I'm going to make some of my cousins felted bags as a little gift... Sabrina and Alexis (10 and 8) are getting A Little Bird Told Me bags (pink for Sabrina, blue for Lexi) and Nicholas (5) is getting a Mochi Mochi bag that is Spiderman themed (red and blue). I really wanted to make them cute scarves, but they live in Florida and are too young to really care for summery fashion-statement scarves!


lunaticraft said...

Looks like it's going to be an awesome bag!

Lupie said...

I have just soent a little time catching up on your blog. I love all of your crochet hats! Your cloths with the writting are so sweet.
Your spinning is beautiful as always!
I am adding you to my friends so I can keep up with your blog.

Anita O said...

The bag for Sal is looking great. And I think you're right in not felting. The stitch is nice.

I think the perfect gifts for kids that age are bags. My kids love them and sometimes even resort to using plastic shopping bags or even cardboard boxes. Hmm, maybe I should make more bags for them.