Monday, February 9, 2009

Rowdy Romance

Picture taken summer 2007.

Name: Rowdy Romance, "Rowdy" or "Ro"
DOB: 2000
Sex: Gelding (castrated male)
Breed: Quarter Horse
Joined our family: 2003

His Story: I've had many horses in my life and used to ride almost daily (before college!). The neighbor across the street was a horse trader and most of my horses came from her. My mom went over on our horses for a visit and Cowboy, another trader, was there was a 3 yo stud colt for sale. It was my Rowdy. He was broke enough to run down the road wildly and without control (Cowboy did road racing) and that was it. I rode him around and was in love! My mom went across the street for the checkbook. We got Rowdy for 400.00.

I had originally named him Cowboy, but it didn't suit him. So, Rowdy Romance it was. I should have named him La-Z Boy or Recliner, he's so docile. Even as a young stud, it was hardly any work at all to fully break him and I could soon ride him with other horses (mares in season included). He was, and still is, goofy and does silly things like climbing over fallen trees rather than just hopping over like "normal" horses, but I love this horse. He was the first one that I really broke myself; I had only even finished off green horses before this.

Ro was bred to my dad's mare, Winchester, then cut (castrated). I have the resulting baby, my little mare, Acorn (you'll meet her in another post).

Rowdy is sweet on the ground, but does like to lick up an attitude at times, but never in the saddle. He's a total sweetie when we ride. We went on a great trail ride in one of the state parks the beginning of January and we had a blast. He loved it. I can't wait to be graduated and back home to ride more often. He's a dream when it comes to loading, standing for the farrier (he will play little tricks on me when I trim his hooves, but it's all games), and it wonderful with new riders/children.

The whole gang in summer 2007. Rowdy and Moses (the mule) up front, Fame (Moses' mom) has her head to Rowdy's right, Winchester is peeking over Ro's hindquarters, and Acorn is squeezing her way between Ro and Moses. Moses and Fame have new homes now and we only have the family (Ro, Winchester, and Acorn).

Picture taken fall 2008. Rowdy in the pasture (his favorite place to stand and sleep).

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