Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

I had a good weekend.

Friday, Shawn and I went to the Mall of Georgia to walk around and window shop. I was good and only got two shirts that were on sale at Old Navy (6.00 for two shirts, can't beat that!) and I got a book at Barnes & Noble (Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen). My dad read it several years ago and I've read bits and pieces and loved it. This is the updated version with post-9/11 info. Can't wait to finish up some required class reading so that I can get started on it. Shawn got a book about his computer.

Saturday was knitting group day. I went early and met some of the ladies for lunch at a Thai place in Gainesville. I haven't had Thai in so long and was a wimp and got fried rice. Next time I'll get either the basil noodles or curry. Knitting group was fun, as always. I got a lot done on Sabrina's bag and a good bit done on the sock (though it doesn't really look like it). I left a little early so that I could get back and take Shawn to dinner (he needs to change the brakes on his car, so we're relying on Vinnie (my truck) for now). We had Piazza's, a nice little Italian place off the square. We hadn't been there in over a year and we were due for a visit.

We also sold our last Yorkie pup Saturday! He was the sweetest thing and we would've loved to have kept him, but we really can't/shouldn't. He went to a really nice couple and he took to them immediately. The wife had been begging for a small dog (they already have several large dogs) and husband said no. She said if she can't have a dog, she wants a hamster. If she can't have a hamster, she wants a chinchilla. Husband finally gave in and she got our little Yorkie fella, named Benicio del Torro, Bennie for short. His new mom said that his wardrobe is already growing.

I slept in a tiny bit today, then got up and did one assignment for class. Got cleaned up, went to chow with Shawn, then came back to finish the second assignment. I have been dreading these things for weeks and they turned out to be really easy once I actually sat down to do them. Then I went to Michaels to take advantage of the 10%-off entire purchase coupon I had. I got a bunch of papers, some sale stamps and inks, and other crafty stuff. I worked on some handmade bookmarks for swaps and am now just knitting and web surfing for now.

Hamster Update: We have 6 babies and they are growing so fast! Indie is a good moma and is starting to leave the nest more and more (she enjoyed a run around in her ball yesterday night). 5 babies are dark-eyed (probably golden or sable in color) and one is pink-eyed (will have to see what recessives are there). I do love genetics and it's exciting to have some variety in this litter.

This is my progress on the dress I'm test knitting. I'm about to start the armhole decreases (this is the back of the bodice).

I have about 10 inches finished on Sabrina's bag (please excuse the messy desk!). 5 more inches before it's something other than stockinette.

What I have finished of sock #2. It's growing, however slowly.

Trying to decide who to showcase in tomorrow's post! I think it's going to be a dog...


Anita O said...

Sounds like a nice day.
So, do you not like hot food? I love kim chee and hot bean paste. My fave is be bim bob with loads of hot bean paste. MMMM.
Your projects are coming along nicely. The sock is nice. I like the colors. And the bag....very nice!

lunaticraft said...

Yo, I just have to say, that you make the greatest socks, with the greatest colored yarns. Just, fyi. =D