Thursday, March 26, 2009

FOs and Yarn

Shawn's Macbook cozy is finished!

My own design, drawstring at the top, the apple logo chart is from the Techguy Socks pattern and is duplicate stitched on.

I also have cloth number four of my RAK that's going to Portugal finished:

Magical Threads is the yarn store here in Dahlonega. I had been in a few times before, but was unimpressed by the selection and staff. The yarn was in the garage and you had to be let in and someone waited while you browsed. I always felt pressured and that the staff was aggravated that I'm not a quilter (their main focus). Well, they have decided to move the quilting machines outside and the yarn is now in the main store. Much better! I feel so much more welcome and they have a very nice selection of yarn and notions.

They have a good sale selection as well (still in the garage, but so much better now). I got some Rowanspun 4 ply for 2.73 per skein. I've never used anything Rowan before.

I am working away on the BFF sock (now that I have new needles for it) and am almost finished with the first sock in my other pair on the needles... it's a secret for now! It's my own design and I'll show it off once the first sock is finished. I really like how it's coming along.


lunaticraft said...

The Macbook cover is VERY cool. And it looks fantastic.

Can't wait to see the socks you're designing! I'm sure they're going to be wonderful! =D

Jo said...

The macbook cozy is cute! I've thought about felting something for my netbook.

Anita O said...

Cute cozy. And the cloth is great.
Nice to find a LYS you can frequent. And fun to find some good deals too!