Monday, March 9, 2009

Gideon (& spinning)

Picture taken March 2009.

Name: Gideon
DOB: 1999 or so
Sex: Neutered Male
Breed: Daschund/Chihuahua mix
Joined Our Family: April 1, 2002

His Story: Gideon came from the Griffin dog pound. I was in the 9th grade and wanted my own indoor dog. I had done a few searches for breeders, but never found anything I wanted or that was affordable. My parents went to the pound to see if there were any small dogs... Gideon was the only one. I was at my then-boyfriend's house at the time and didn't meet my new boy until I got home later that night. I loved him immediately.

Gideon is a stoic dog. He sleeps A LOT and isn't the clingy type that has to be petted and right there on you all the time. He shows his love in a different way that I really appreciate (I have little patience for needy animals). If he were a human, he would be a little old English man with a stiff upper lip.

He had heartworms when I got him, but I got that all taken care of. I would never have a pure Chihuahua or a pure Daschund (especially Daschund), but love my Giddy-monkey. He is even-tempered, not hyper, and is confident without being overly dominant. He's my big dog in a small dog body (he weighs about 16 lb).

Gideon sleeps with me at night and usually sleeps in longer than I do (hard to believe, sometimes!). He enjoys sun-bathing in the summer and hates the cold of winter (he sleeps under the woodburning stove when it's cold out). He is mesmerized by fire and will watch the fireplace forever if I let him. He is great with other animals, but does like to explore with Josie if he can escape the fence (we've got that fixed now, sorry Gideon!). He loves "cookies" and long walks/runs.

Gideon using Josie as a pillow. Picture taken March 2009.

Peeking at me from the bed. Picture taken summer 2006.

Picture taken summer 2005.

This is about 56 yards of bulky weight 2-ply wool (roving from SAFF). I think I'm going to spin more like this and make a new knitting bag.

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Lupie said...

OMG they are way too cute!!!!
Dogs are such a gift to us.