Saturday, March 7, 2009


It's such a beautiful day out... perfect haircut weather. My haircuts are always done on a whim. I will be out doing something else and just pop in for a haircut; they are never planned.

I haven't had a cut to take off length (only trims) since spring 2006 when I chopped it all off, so my hair was pretty long. About mid-back or so. It was driving me crazy, wouldn't do anything nice, and I was longing for short hair. However, Shawn doesn't really like short hair on me (we met when my hair was a good few inches above my shoulder), so I had been putting off a short cut. Today, though, I wanted my hair cut and he said that short hair would be fine if it was the right cut... we looked at a few pictures (by the way, why are fashion and hair so ridiculous in those types of book? Who really does that?) and found a normal cut that we both liked.

I'm happy with my new hair. It feels soooo good and Shawn really likes it. My stylist and I both think that I should keep my hair somewhat short because it would help with my hair falling out. I shed like a dog and the length was just weighing it down even more and wasn't helping.


Lupie said...

Your cut is beautiful!

Anita O said...

Nice :) Kinda looks like my cut too. And my hair sheds like crazy as well. I hope I don't go bald!!

lunaticraft said...

Great cut! I love the shape. I've always wished I could pull off bangs like that... I love the sideswept look. Alas, though, my hair is too thin, and my face shape is all wrong. You, on the other hand, wear it very well.

(PS - I'm a monster shedder too. Our poor vaccuum is constantly clogged with long blonde hair...)