Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Knitting and New Toys

What little I have finished on Shawn's computer bag. It's 2x2 ribbing with a panel of stockinette (the apple logo will go here). I really like the Plymouth Encore yarn.

The BFF Sock's progress. I don't really work on this too much, just while I'm sitting at the computer. I do a few rounds here and there. It's really a quick and easy knit, though. The colorway does obscure the pattern a little, but it's better than the picture looks. I've decided to keep these for myself (ok, I'm greedy when it comes to my handknit socks), but Michelle is getting something else she'll love instead.

The second Slippery Sock is coming along; I'm almost finished with the leg. Finally.

This is my graduation gift from Moma:

A tune-up kit for my wheel. I really needed this... poor Charlotte was all rickety and wobbley.

A handmade spinning mat! My mom got it from a lady in Texas. It lays across my lap, has a built-in tape measure, and there are lots of pockets on each end. This is perfect and I love it! So unique and useful!

An Ashford umbrella swift!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe she actually got me one, and an Ashford to boot. She likes to keep things from the same company and I'm the same way. This is amazing and I've already used it tons. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

She normally hates to give gifts early (I'm the bad one about that), but this time she was so excited she gave it to me this weekend. But, I was told that I'm not getting anything else for graduation. I completely understand... my mom has been laid off for months now and she really had to scrimp and sacrifice to get me these things.


Lupie said...

Aren't Moms the best!!!!

Anita O said...

Awww, your Mom loves you. Lots!

I like the work you're doing. How can you fit in knitting, spinning, school, and boyfriend? Are you superwoman, LOL?

And the swift is sooo awesome. I'm drooling here.

lunaticraft said...

Moms really are the best, aren't they?

I am totally jealous over that swift, btw. I've been thinking of getting one myself, but honestly, I'll probably just end up rigging up one out of a couple two-by-fours, a dowel, and some pegs. Because I'm industrious like that (or broke, really I'm finding the two terms interchangable lately)! =D

Enjoy your amazing gifts!