Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Little Knitting

I feel like I've been a bad blogger lately. I have just been busy with school and such (the weeks before spring break are always hectic with assignments, exams, and papers!). Even so, I've been able to get some fiber crafting done...

I'm still working on Shawn's computer cozy. It's really coming along, despite how boring it is. The good thing is that I can work on it in the dark (Shawn and I have been doing a few night drives in the mountains since the weather has been so pretty lately).

The ribbing stretches to the perfect size for his Macbook.

The knitting for Sabrina's Birdie Bag is finished, only the 60 inches of stockinette for the strap is left. Seriously, not fun. After I finish the knitting, only the minimal seaming, felting, and a little embroidery left! Then it's one more in blue and a backpack in red/blue (Spiderman colors).

Sock progress. It's sad that I've been working on the Slippery Sock for so long and have so little progress! It's just not the funnest knit ever. Not difficult, but not easy either. I got in my magnetic pattern holder thing from Knit Picks and it has really helped in making the sock more enjoyable.

The BFF sock is an easy knit, but I don't work on it much (the computer bag is getting most of my attention right now).

I've been spinning some more also. On my drop spindle. Trying to get enough spun up that I can actually get started on a cardi/pullover. I'm thinking the February Lady Sweater... what do you think? Should I jump on that bandwagon? I have mixed feelings about it... I think it's beautiful, but is it something that I should make for me to wear? I never know what looks good on me. sigh

Spring Break is next week! Yay! Plans are to spend through Wednesday at home (Shawn at his house) where I'll be hanging out at the house and riding horses with a friend if the weather cooperates, Wednesday (again, weather willing) I'll have lunch with Shawn and his family then the two of us will be off to Six Flags (it's been too long!). Then he'll come to my house and we'll just spend time there, not doing much. We were thinking of possibly heading up to Chattanooga for Rock City, Ruby Falls, Lookout Mtn, etc that last weekend, but nothing set in stone yet. Shawn has never been; I practically grew up there we went so often.


Anita O said...

Your socks look good so far. I understand about not liking a knitted item. You just have to plow through it.

The strap will go fast, I think. It'll be over before you know it, yeah right!

I think the February Lady is a great sweater to knit. It would look good on you.

Megan said...

That's the same way I feel about the February Lady Sweater. I see some people in it and it looks beautiful and flattering and on others it looks frumpy- so I haven't taken the plunge yet either.

lunaticraft said...

The socks look great so far. I'm sorry to hear that they're not ther greatest knit ever, but they're turning out beautiful!

And horse riding? I'm so jealous. I've always wanted to ride a horse, but have never gotten the opportunity... =(