Wednesday, March 18, 2009


FO! I finally finished my birthday Slippery Socks. They feel so good on my feet and I really do love the finished object. I have never made a better-fitting pair of socks.

Sock number one of the BFF Socks is finished! I really love them. So comfy. I am halfway through the leg of the second one, but it's on hold because my mom's little Yorkie baby, Gabby, decided to eat two of my needles (yes, the needles I just orded a few weeks ago and my only US 2 dpns!).

To make myself feel better about the needle tragedy, my mom and I stopped in at Creative Yarns in Macon. We had gone to the mall there and my dad stopped in the gun store. We got bored and left him to go yarn browsing. The store is moving to a new location and there's a 25% sale!!! I didn't know it when we went and found at at the check-out counter. I wanted to spend at least 25.00 to get a punch in my discount card (3 punches to go until I get 25% off my total purchase!). I was able to get 2 skeins of Tofutsies sock yarn. I have been wanting to try it out and love the colors. It looks a little splitty, but that never really bothered me before.

Spring Break is good. Uneventful, but nice to have a break. Shawn came in today, so we went on a little lunch date and will be riding horses later. Tomorrow we'll be going to Dobbins Air Reserve Base to let my mom apply for a job and then Shawn and I will be riding bikes on the Silver Comet Trail.


lunaticraft said...

Wow! You've been busy!

The socks look great, and condolences on loosing two needles.

Anita O said...

Great socks. Love the colors. Don't you love it when your projects turn out better than expected?
I'm glad you're enjoying spring break. Great time to relax and enjoy life.