Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sorrow and a Sock

I guess I'll start with the sock. I've finished the first of my start-of-career socks in Socks That Rock - Lightweight, Lunasea colorway. I'm pleased with how it came out and am started on the leg of the second one.

Ok, now for the sorrow part.

I'm graduating tomorrow, right? You'd think that I'd have people coming to see it. Nope. My parents and Shawn and his mom and sister (his dad is on the road... truck driver) are coming. My brother and his girlfriend said they were coming, but I haven't heard from them and got no answer when I called today... not sure what to expect from them. But, that's it. No one else is coming. My family is close and I've grown up seeing my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. very often.

I'm really disappointed. And, they are lying about why they can't come. I think they don't want to come because my dad is coming (and they don't get along with him), even though he's said that he would behave and I've told them that if they don't like him, just don't look at/sit next to/talk to him. They are making up weak excuses about it. I know for a fact that they are lying about it. One of my closer uncles even hung up on my mom when she tried calling to see if he was coming... she called, he picked up, then hung up. She called back and got the machine, so left a message. We never heard back.

Isn't that pathetic? My grandmother never even returned my call about it (I left a message) and then called me later to rub it in my face that some of the family got together on Easter and how I wasn't there (well, if I'm not invited, it's hard to be there). She never mentioned my graduation or the message I left or anything and she won't be there tomorrow. I know my family has had some relationship issues lately, but I'm not enough to play nice with each other for 2 hours? They have to make things up about why they can't come? It's just really disappointing. College graduation is supposed to be a big milestone, a huge deal, and no one is coming. The only family I can really rely on is my immediate family, I guess. I didn't even want to walk, but chose to do it because I thought my family would be there. I guess I'm walking for my parents and that's it.

Sorry to rant and whine, but I'm just a little down about it.

In other news... I only have the second sock actively on the needles. I have the scrappy rug and the RAK cloths to do (these will be finished on my trip to NJ, which I'll talk about in another post), but they are kind of on hold for now and don't really count. I'll be casting on for some new projects soon. I have thrown away the 2 bags for my cousins. Call me spiteful and I know it's not their fault, but after their mom (my favorite aunt) called with excuses she can't come, I really didn't feel like finishing them up.

On a happier note, here's a cute pic I took today of Eunny, one of the Yorkies:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Part II

Ok, I'm trying this with html codes. The pics are a little big, but it works!


This is some Sanguine Gryphon sock yarn. I'm not sure exactly what, but I know it's the Nile Delta colorway. It was in the sale basket and is a total of 400 yards.


Red Heart Eco-Ways. It was only 3.00 per 186 yard skein! I got 7 to make a pullover or cardi with (Amused, perhaps?).


This is Newton Country Yarns Softball Handprint in a very patriotic red/white/blue. It's sport weight and I have 1065 yards here (there is an additional 333 yards that I'm sending in a swap).


Ellen Half Pints Farm 100% merino superwash sock yarn for a swap partner. I'm so tempted to keep it for myself!


This is gorgeous, isn't it? It's 8 ounces of Creatively Dyed 70% wool, 30% sea silk. I can't wait to start spinning this, but am saving it for when I don't already have 2 other spinning projects going on.


2 skeins of Brooks Farms Mas-Acero. I've heard such good things about this yarn and Brooks Farms in general I had to get some while at Stitches. I'm thinking of making Rusted Root with this.


This is Miss Babs Yowza! Whatta Skein in the Ironweed colorway. I love this color! I think I'm going to use it to make the Favorite Cardi from the Custom Knits book.


I'm in love with this yarn. It's Buffalo Gold Lux (a laceweight blend of American Bison down, cashmere, silk, and tencel) in the natural color. Ok, so this was a major splurge... the guy at the booth definitely sold this to me. I was planning on just looking, feeling, and oohing and aahing over it. Talked to the guy for about 5 minutes and left with this skein of high-dollar yarn (let's just say that it's the most expensive yarn I've bought and I'm embarrassed to admit the price!). I have found the perfect lacy scarf pattern and this will be much cherished!

All the loot... Part 1

Well, I'm home again (for good until I'm married!). Still trying to get my room together.

I wanted to do a huge post with pics of all my Stitches purchases, but blogger is acting up and this is as good as I could do:

This is 8 ounces of Lisa Souza superwash merino top. I can't read the colorway name, but it's something weird.. starts with S and ends in -han... Siobhan? Don't know.

4 ounces of Corriedale roving. I've started spinning this up into what will be a fingering weight 2-ply. The yarn will probably be used to make Michelle (brother's girlfriend) a tam for Christmas. From Carolina Handspun.

4 ounces of Corriedale roving. Beautiful colors! I've been wanting some yellow fiber. From Carolina Handspun.

Just some of the babies from our latest litter! Aren't they precious?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stitches, quick post

We had a good time at Stitches South. It wasn't as good as SAFF, we think, but definitely fun and interesting. Moma and I just prefer the independents, wheels, animals, and such that SAFF has to offer and are less interested in yarn stores we could go to any time and the yarn companies that didn't even have anything for sale (just information).

I forgot my camera, of course, and haven't been home to take pics of my loot. I'll be home again tomorrow and will show it all off (and a new pet Moma got for me today...).

What I got:

-4 ounces of Corriedale roving in a very pretty reddish blend from Carolina Handspun
-4 ounces of Corriedale roving in a very pretty yellow blend from Carolina Handspun
-1 skein of Buffalo Gold Lux (45% American bison down, 20% cashmere, 20% silk, 15% tencel) laceweight in a natural color
-0.84 lb skein of sport-ish weight cotton in red/white/blue (some for me, some for a swap)
-8 ounces of Creatively Dyed Seawool fiber in a gorgeous colorway: natural greens/browns with gold and orangey colors
-2 skeins of Miss Babs Yowza - Whatta Skein (100% superwash merino) in the Ironweed colorway (a dark purple), 560 yards/skein
-7 skeins of Red Heart Eco-Ways in a gray color
-2 skeins of Brooks Farm Mas Acero (60% superwash wool, 24% silk, 16% viscose) in a very pretty red color, 400 yards/skein
-2 skeins (enough for 1 pair of socks) of sock yarn from the Sanguine Gryphon in a gorgeous green colorway
-1 skein of Ellen's Halfpint Farm 100% merino wool fingering weight sock yarn in a gorgeous coloway wiht turquoise, purple, and navy blue (for a swap)
-a handmade sock keeper thing (to hold a sock in progress)... too bad my dpns are too long for it! I didn't check before buying it)

I bought for Moma:

-a pattern for a cardi she wanted
-6 skeins of Red Heart Eco-Ways (for the cardi)
-a set of US 2 dpns (to replace the pair that got chewed by Gabby, the teething Yorkie)

Pics to come tomorrow! I also finished the first sock (with the STR in the scaley pattern) and am nearly finished with the crocheted felted Booga Bag (just need to do the flap and strap and felt it).

Friday, April 24, 2009

Good or Bad, I'm Done!

So, I finished by last final today at about 0830.

I am so afraid that I'm not going to pass one of my classes and can't graduate. I've never failed a class before and am doing well enough in all of them this semester, but it's still a fear I have.

I know my Mongols class is good. I would have a C even if I made a 0 on the final. History of the Caribbean is good for sure (already have the final grade). I'm not sure about my 20th c. Europe class because he never hands out grades during the semester. I did all my assignments and think I did well on them. We'll see. I love the prof and have had him 4 times and he would say something if I was struggling. The final I took today is the class I really have no clue about. It was Juvenile Justice and I know I got 69/90 points on one set of assignments (I missed 2 that were due over spring break because of unexpected lack of internet access on the day they were due) and I got 50/50 on my paper. The exams... not sure. She never handed any back, so no clue if I did well on them or not. It would be quite sad to pass all my upper-level histories and then fail the criminal justice class!

Really, though, I think I'm good. Just worries and anxiety. I walk in the graduation ceremony May 1 at 7pm. No rehearsals! I hate that... would feel much better about the whole thing if there was a rehearsal. At least my last name isn't Aaronson or something; I want to see all those before me so I know what to do!

Anyway, I guess we'll see Tuesday when final grades are posted.

I'm busy packing up a truckload from my apartment to take home tonight. Tomorrow, Moma and I are going to Stitches South! I can't wait. After Stitches, we'll be coming up to campus to load up my mom's van and she'll go home. I can't leave until my room is cleared on Monday.

Hopefully, I won't be back to Dahlonega for academic reasons next semester!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Isn't this precious?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Indie, Dot, & Dash (and fiber)

Picture taken Spring 2009 (don't you love the yarn nest?).

Names: Indie, Dot, & Dash
DOB: Indie - December 2008, Dot & Dash - February 18, 2009
Sex: Female
Breed/Specie: Syrian Hamsters
Joined Our Family: February 2009

Their Story: I got Indie after I had to put my Squishy to sleep. I'm the kind of person that needs to replace pets immediately after they die. It just helps me and eases the pain by giving me something new to focus my attention on. Indie came from Smiley's Pets in Gainesville, Georgia. She was the only female sable (color) they had and she was friendly enough, so I got her.

She gave me 8 new hamsters a few weeks after getting her. 2 disappeared (into her belly!) and 6 were successfull raised and weaned. My brother got 2 males (Teddy and Chicken Teriyaki) and the other 2 males went to someone I know. I kept the 2 girls... Dot and Dash. Dot has a white dot on her belly, Dash has a white line on her belly. All three girls are longhair sables.

These girls are so funny to watch. They are all friendly, but definitely fiesty. They love to chew up tp/paper towel tubes, make yarn nests with the scraps I give them, and try to jump out of their cage (a big sterilite tub without a lid). Their favorite snack is dandelion stems and flowers.

Dash. Picture taken Spring 2009.

Dot. Picture taken Spring 2009.

Indie. Picture taken Spring 2009.

And, for some spinning:
The Romney x I was working on Saturday all plied up. I did end up going with Navajo-plying and am very pleased at how it came out. I got a little over 100 yards from a full bobbin of singles.

This is a Corriedale (wool), llama, and angora (rabbit) blend I carded and spun into a worsted 2-ply. I got about 45 yards from it. Most of it went to become this:

I needed a place to keep my spinning wheel oil. This is perfect! I crocheted it up and used a cute flower button (the strap has 2 buttonholes in case I need to lengthen it). I dyed it with Easter egg dyes after I crocheted it. I still have about a third of the yarn left.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

So, I went a little crazy

I went back to Bear on the Square this morning to take a look around. This is what I came back with:

Some of the students here at NGCSU had a booth selling their pottery. For 1/2 off. I snatched up these babies for a total of 14.00. Can you believe it? The bottom pic is for the glaze detail.

I only brought 15.00 with me when I went, so I dropped these off at my room and grabbed more cash and got this for 35.00 (only the 2 blue bowls were from the half off table, the rest were full price at 5.00 each):

Close-ups of the detail:

The acorn dish is going to my mom for Mother's Day. She loves acorns (so do I and I am so tempted to keep it for myself, but I won't). The green mug is for my dad's birthday (May 14).

This is what else my mom is getting for Mother's Day:

I've only told her about the leaf and not the acorn dish or the other leaf rest. I think she'll like it.

I did steal from my Stitches stash money to get this stuff. BUT, I did hope to buy pottery at Stitches (if they have it like they did at SAFF) so it's all good. I'm loving it all so much; Shawn and I want to have as much handmade/antique/flea market treasures as possible in our home once we're married. I just love handthrown pottery for its uniqueness and imperfections and the colors and shapes that don't quite match.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bear on the Square

Bear on the Square was fun. I'm really glad I was able to go. I got to see my fiber friends that I haven't seen in a long while.

I got a good amount of spinning finished. These two are small amounts of fiber I had carded a while back. They'll just sit until I find something I can do with such little yardage. The white is llama/merino blend (worsted, 41 yards) and the blue is alpaca/bamboo blend (dk, 63 yards).

Here is the progress on the Romney x fiber. I'm thinking of doing a Navajo ply and making the Tree Jacket with it (Ravelry link). I'm loving how this is spinning up.

I did shop the tiniest bit. I bought my mom a handmade pottery piece for Mother's Day. It is shaped like a leaf (a real leaf was used for the impression) and is supposed to be a soap dish, but she'll probably use it as a spoon rest in the kitchen or a candle dish thing. It was only 7.00, which is a steal for pottery like that! Of course, I told her what it was since I can't keep a secret for anything when it comes to gifts.

I also bought 1 ounce of angora fiber. It's been too long since I've last spun it and I miss my rabbits. I'm thinking of carding it with something else to make it go farther and to keep it from being to warm and fluffy.

And, finally, this is the start of the new marriage afghan. I like this a whole lot more. The blocks are about a square foot in size, which will be much nicer when it comes time to put it together. The pattern is a free one from Red Heart, the Passionate About Purple Throw (Ravelry link).

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cloths for the Georgia Cloth Swap

There's a new group on Ravelry just for us Georgians. We'll be swapping dishcloths in a round robin style (the first person sends someone 4-5 cloths, that person takes what they want and replaces them with their own cloths, sends to someone else, etc). Here are the two cloths I made for the first round.

The top one is the Tulip Stitch Cloth. I love the pattern. Shawn has an old afghan in this stitch that his aunt made and I'm glad to have finally found the pattern for it. It would be perfect for a baby blanket. (Oh, and speaking of afghans, I've decided to scrap the one I was working on for Shawn and me and will be going with another pattern instead.)

The bottom one is the Crunch Tawashi Dishcloth. It's a quick and very easy pattern.

Tonight I will be working on some spinning... the 2 lb of Romney x roving will be going on the wheel (I just can't get through it all with just the drop spindle). Tomorrow is Bear on the Square here in Dahlonega and my spinning group has a tent set up for demonstrations. It should be fun.

Oh, and I survived the paper. I finished it at 7am this morning, took a 30 minute nap, then was up again to get ready for class. Fun stuff, huh? I have one more paper to write (due by midnight Sunday).

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Still Trucking

Ah... writing research papers. I can't do it well in advance of the due date... I'm a work-better-under-pressure kind of girl. It's all done the day/night/right before it's due. That said, it's still a process for me. I write a bit, then knit a bit, then write some more, then do some Sudoku, then back to writing, etc. until it's all finished. So, here are some pictures resulting from my in between moments:

Topaz is halfway finished! It's really a quick and easy knit when I get a chance to work on it. I'll cast on for the front tonight.

The sock almost has a complete heel! I'm working on the gusset decreases now. It's the perfect project for mindless knitting while not being too boring. I can't believe how fast it's going.

A new WIP. This is the beginning of the Felted Crochet Booga Bag (Ravelry link) in Cascade 220. Doesn't look like much right now. It's basically a big granny square that is built upon to become a square-shaped bag. I'm the first one on Ravelry to work on this pattern, so I only have the designer's pic to see how it looks. I think it'll be Ok. Simple and quick, that's for sure (which is what I need if I'm going to finish it by the 1st!). I did make it larger, though. The pattern as written makes it seem a little too small. The pattern does seem to have some number problems, but it's easy enough to make without them. I'll have to contact the designer about it.

Tax Day Update

So, it was Tax Day today. I filed mine last week and am getting some back for the federal, but had to pay a two dollars to the state! Walgreens, in its infinite wisdom, didn't take any state taxes from my checks when I did my internship last summer. Fortunately, it's only two dollars and I can manage that.

I really wanted to make it to a tea party, but classes got in the way. There was one on the square here in Dahlonega, but I wanted to go to a big one in Atlanta (where it's more of a statement). Oh well. I did mail out some pictures of tea bags to the White House April 1st.

I have 5 of my 7 assignments finished. I pulled an all-nighter Sunday night (went to bed at 7 am!) and did 4 assignments yesterday. I should be working on my big paper right now, but am kind of burnt out on it. I'll get it finished tomorrow (only one class, so plenty of time for it) and hope to also get a good start on the last assignment, if not completely finished.

I'm on my way to graduating May 1! I'm so afraid that something crazy is going to happen and I'll fail a class or something. Usually I'm a little crazy and worried about my grades this time every semester, but this time around I have all good grades and am pretty much on top of everything... which worries me! I keep thinking that things are going too well and I have to be forgetting something... an assignment, a class I forgot I'm registered for and haven't been going to all semester, something! I know I'm being silly, but I'm a worrier!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Not at all the best picture, but here it is (couldn't get a pic while I was wearing it, so it's on my hand).

My own pattern. Finally have sock number one finished and have cast on for number two. I love the clover design down the leg... it continues down the foot as well.

Pepper (and some knitting)

Picture taken summer 2008.

Name: Pepperoni Anne (aka, Pepper)
DOB: May 2007
Sex: Female
Breed/Specie: Bearded Dragon
Joined Our Family: July 2007

Her Story: Pepper was purchased on a whim from a breeder from Florida. The breeder had purchased some fancy mice from me to start up her own colony and breeding program. My mom and I met her in Alabama to drop off/pick up mice and she had several babies available from her reptile show she had that day. I had planned on buying a bearded dragon from the breeder at some point, but we ended up bringing home Pepper and her sister, Fu Manchu, who went to my brother that day. We got a good deal for them and both are doing great.

Pepper is a good eater and is friendly. She loves red/pink colors and will leap onto anything in that color range. She's active and pretty social. She gains more color with each shed, but her main colors are orange and red with some yellow and purple.

Here is my sock progress:

I'm really enjoying this knit. It's going quickly. I think it's a perfect match for the yarn and colorway... it looks like fish scales and does a good job of breaking up the colors. I'm not really following the pattern, only using the stitch (which was a happy mistake on the part of the designer).

I'm loving the STR Lightweight! This is my first time working with it and it's sooo nice. Very soft and cushy with lots of stretch and spring. This will be a thicker pair of socks, but it's exactly what I want in a pair of handknit socks. I don't much care for the super thin yarns that wear through quickly. I want durability and cushiness. I'll have to hunt down more of this yarn.

This week is going to be rough. I stayed up until 7am this morning writing a 10-page research paper that was due today. Tomorrow I have two online assignments due (I have to review two juvenile justice articles). Wednesday I have a book review and an essay exam due in 20th century Europe. Friday I have a 12-page research paper due in that class as well AND a precis and book review for History of the Caribbean.

Ugh. If I can just survive this week, all I have left are three finals next week. As long as I pass everything I really don't care what my grades are at this point... I just want to graduate!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New WIP and My Babies

Since I finished the BFF socks yesterday night, I had to cast on for a new pair today! This is the beginning of Squamata (Ravelry link). The pattern stitch is fun and easy and produces a scaly look, which is exactly what I wanted for this yarn (Socks That Rock Lightweight in Lunasea that I got from Irish Eyes Knitters for donating hats this past fall). I think it'll be a quick knit.

And, just for your viewing pleasure, my babies eating Oreos:



Friday, April 10, 2009

FO, finally!

Finally got the BFF socks finished! Been working on them since February... very sad. This pattern is actually one of the quickest sock knits I've ever done if I worked on it. It was a fun, mindless, and enjoyable knit. I did have some problems with the pattern when it came to dividing for the heel flap, so I just did my own thing for that part and it worked out just fine.

These were going to be for Michelle (brother's girlfriend) for Christmas, but now they are for me for graduation. I'm just too greedy when it comes to my socks and I've decided to actually buy gifts this year instead of making them. I'll be making some, of course, but want to really get some nice stuff for everyone (it will be my first Christmas after graduating and getting a fulltime job).

This is what I have done on the Topaz baby dress. I'm working on the decreases. This is the back piece. The color is close to real life, but the MC is actually more lilac and is prettier than the pic shows.

I'll be casting on for a new pair of socks soon... looking through the queue now!