Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All the loot... Part 1

Well, I'm home again (for good until I'm married!). Still trying to get my room together.

I wanted to do a huge post with pics of all my Stitches purchases, but blogger is acting up and this is as good as I could do:

This is 8 ounces of Lisa Souza superwash merino top. I can't read the colorway name, but it's something weird.. starts with S and ends in -han... Siobhan? Don't know.

4 ounces of Corriedale roving. I've started spinning this up into what will be a fingering weight 2-ply. The yarn will probably be used to make Michelle (brother's girlfriend) a tam for Christmas. From Carolina Handspun.

4 ounces of Corriedale roving. Beautiful colors! I've been wanting some yellow fiber. From Carolina Handspun.

Just some of the babies from our latest litter! Aren't they precious?


lunaticraft said...

Oooooh... I really love the colors in the Corriedale roving. Beautiful!

Tekgirl said...

Yum on that Coridale- esp the yellow based one. And yes, the puppies are very precious! and somehow configured into a pleasing pattern for the photo.