Friday, April 17, 2009

Cloths for the Georgia Cloth Swap

There's a new group on Ravelry just for us Georgians. We'll be swapping dishcloths in a round robin style (the first person sends someone 4-5 cloths, that person takes what they want and replaces them with their own cloths, sends to someone else, etc). Here are the two cloths I made for the first round.

The top one is the Tulip Stitch Cloth. I love the pattern. Shawn has an old afghan in this stitch that his aunt made and I'm glad to have finally found the pattern for it. It would be perfect for a baby blanket. (Oh, and speaking of afghans, I've decided to scrap the one I was working on for Shawn and me and will be going with another pattern instead.)

The bottom one is the Crunch Tawashi Dishcloth. It's a quick and very easy pattern.

Tonight I will be working on some spinning... the 2 lb of Romney x roving will be going on the wheel (I just can't get through it all with just the drop spindle). Tomorrow is Bear on the Square here in Dahlonega and my spinning group has a tent set up for demonstrations. It should be fun.

Oh, and I survived the paper. I finished it at 7am this morning, took a 30 minute nap, then was up again to get ready for class. Fun stuff, huh? I have one more paper to write (due by midnight Sunday).


lunaticraft said...

I love that tulip stitch cloth. That would indeed be a fantastic stitch for a baby blanket.

Glad to hear the paper went well! I'm working on a biggie myself, but I've got about a month left, so I'm not to worried... yet. Have fun with your spinning group!

Anita O said...

Nice cloths. Wow, you are a machine. One more paper...can't wait to see what else you make during that time.

Megan said...

Both cloths are very nice, but I love the tulip stitch one! Thanks for the link it would indeed make a lovely blanket!