Friday, April 10, 2009

FO, finally!

Finally got the BFF socks finished! Been working on them since February... very sad. This pattern is actually one of the quickest sock knits I've ever done if I worked on it. It was a fun, mindless, and enjoyable knit. I did have some problems with the pattern when it came to dividing for the heel flap, so I just did my own thing for that part and it worked out just fine.

These were going to be for Michelle (brother's girlfriend) for Christmas, but now they are for me for graduation. I'm just too greedy when it comes to my socks and I've decided to actually buy gifts this year instead of making them. I'll be making some, of course, but want to really get some nice stuff for everyone (it will be my first Christmas after graduating and getting a fulltime job).

This is what I have done on the Topaz baby dress. I'm working on the decreases. This is the back piece. The color is close to real life, but the MC is actually more lilac and is prettier than the pic shows.

I'll be casting on for a new pair of socks soon... looking through the queue now!


lunaticraft said...

Those came out looking awesome. Great yarn choice. And the colors on the baby dress are adorable as well!

Jo said...

The socks look great.