Monday, April 20, 2009

Indie, Dot, & Dash (and fiber)

Picture taken Spring 2009 (don't you love the yarn nest?).

Names: Indie, Dot, & Dash
DOB: Indie - December 2008, Dot & Dash - February 18, 2009
Sex: Female
Breed/Specie: Syrian Hamsters
Joined Our Family: February 2009

Their Story: I got Indie after I had to put my Squishy to sleep. I'm the kind of person that needs to replace pets immediately after they die. It just helps me and eases the pain by giving me something new to focus my attention on. Indie came from Smiley's Pets in Gainesville, Georgia. She was the only female sable (color) they had and she was friendly enough, so I got her.

She gave me 8 new hamsters a few weeks after getting her. 2 disappeared (into her belly!) and 6 were successfull raised and weaned. My brother got 2 males (Teddy and Chicken Teriyaki) and the other 2 males went to someone I know. I kept the 2 girls... Dot and Dash. Dot has a white dot on her belly, Dash has a white line on her belly. All three girls are longhair sables.

These girls are so funny to watch. They are all friendly, but definitely fiesty. They love to chew up tp/paper towel tubes, make yarn nests with the scraps I give them, and try to jump out of their cage (a big sterilite tub without a lid). Their favorite snack is dandelion stems and flowers.

Dash. Picture taken Spring 2009.

Dot. Picture taken Spring 2009.

Indie. Picture taken Spring 2009.

And, for some spinning:
The Romney x I was working on Saturday all plied up. I did end up going with Navajo-plying and am very pleased at how it came out. I got a little over 100 yards from a full bobbin of singles.

This is a Corriedale (wool), llama, and angora (rabbit) blend I carded and spun into a worsted 2-ply. I got about 45 yards from it. Most of it went to become this:

I needed a place to keep my spinning wheel oil. This is perfect! I crocheted it up and used a cute flower button (the strap has 2 buttonholes in case I need to lengthen it). I dyed it with Easter egg dyes after I crocheted it. I still have about a third of the yarn left.


lizzzknits said...

I am glad those critters are yours and not mine! ;-)

lunaticraft said...

What darlings! We haven't had hamsters since my brother and I were little, mainly because we have cats that figured out how to open any cage we seemed to try, and the poor hams deserve better than to be terrorized like that. Smart little buggars, our cats.

Also glad to hear that we're not the only family in the world who needs to replace animals immediately. My friends were all acting like we were heartless when it pained us to wait a whole two weeks (I was away in China at the time) instead of going the next day to get a new puppy after we had to put our last dog (a 14 y.o. Lab) to sleep.