Monday, April 13, 2009

Pepper (and some knitting)

Picture taken summer 2008.

Name: Pepperoni Anne (aka, Pepper)
DOB: May 2007
Sex: Female
Breed/Specie: Bearded Dragon
Joined Our Family: July 2007

Her Story: Pepper was purchased on a whim from a breeder from Florida. The breeder had purchased some fancy mice from me to start up her own colony and breeding program. My mom and I met her in Alabama to drop off/pick up mice and she had several babies available from her reptile show she had that day. I had planned on buying a bearded dragon from the breeder at some point, but we ended up bringing home Pepper and her sister, Fu Manchu, who went to my brother that day. We got a good deal for them and both are doing great.

Pepper is a good eater and is friendly. She loves red/pink colors and will leap onto anything in that color range. She's active and pretty social. She gains more color with each shed, but her main colors are orange and red with some yellow and purple.

Here is my sock progress:

I'm really enjoying this knit. It's going quickly. I think it's a perfect match for the yarn and colorway... it looks like fish scales and does a good job of breaking up the colors. I'm not really following the pattern, only using the stitch (which was a happy mistake on the part of the designer).

I'm loving the STR Lightweight! This is my first time working with it and it's sooo nice. Very soft and cushy with lots of stretch and spring. This will be a thicker pair of socks, but it's exactly what I want in a pair of handknit socks. I don't much care for the super thin yarns that wear through quickly. I want durability and cushiness. I'll have to hunt down more of this yarn.

This week is going to be rough. I stayed up until 7am this morning writing a 10-page research paper that was due today. Tomorrow I have two online assignments due (I have to review two juvenile justice articles). Wednesday I have a book review and an essay exam due in 20th century Europe. Friday I have a 12-page research paper due in that class as well AND a precis and book review for History of the Caribbean.

Ugh. If I can just survive this week, all I have left are three finals next week. As long as I pass everything I really don't care what my grades are at this point... I just want to graduate!


Anita O said...

Wow, you are going to be busy! Take it as easy as you can...almost there!
The socks look great!

lunaticraft said...

What a cool little dude! And that sock is really cool. I really like that stitch pattern.

Good luck with all the papers and the finals... I remember being at that point this time last year too. Graduation is just so close, and yet so far away at the same time, you just want it to be over!