Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sorrow and a Sock

I guess I'll start with the sock. I've finished the first of my start-of-career socks in Socks That Rock - Lightweight, Lunasea colorway. I'm pleased with how it came out and am started on the leg of the second one.

Ok, now for the sorrow part.

I'm graduating tomorrow, right? You'd think that I'd have people coming to see it. Nope. My parents and Shawn and his mom and sister (his dad is on the road... truck driver) are coming. My brother and his girlfriend said they were coming, but I haven't heard from them and got no answer when I called today... not sure what to expect from them. But, that's it. No one else is coming. My family is close and I've grown up seeing my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. very often.

I'm really disappointed. And, they are lying about why they can't come. I think they don't want to come because my dad is coming (and they don't get along with him), even though he's said that he would behave and I've told them that if they don't like him, just don't look at/sit next to/talk to him. They are making up weak excuses about it. I know for a fact that they are lying about it. One of my closer uncles even hung up on my mom when she tried calling to see if he was coming... she called, he picked up, then hung up. She called back and got the machine, so left a message. We never heard back.

Isn't that pathetic? My grandmother never even returned my call about it (I left a message) and then called me later to rub it in my face that some of the family got together on Easter and how I wasn't there (well, if I'm not invited, it's hard to be there). She never mentioned my graduation or the message I left or anything and she won't be there tomorrow. I know my family has had some relationship issues lately, but I'm not enough to play nice with each other for 2 hours? They have to make things up about why they can't come? It's just really disappointing. College graduation is supposed to be a big milestone, a huge deal, and no one is coming. The only family I can really rely on is my immediate family, I guess. I didn't even want to walk, but chose to do it because I thought my family would be there. I guess I'm walking for my parents and that's it.

Sorry to rant and whine, but I'm just a little down about it.

In other news... I only have the second sock actively on the needles. I have the scrappy rug and the RAK cloths to do (these will be finished on my trip to NJ, which I'll talk about in another post), but they are kind of on hold for now and don't really count. I'll be casting on for some new projects soon. I have thrown away the 2 bags for my cousins. Call me spiteful and I know it's not their fault, but after their mom (my favorite aunt) called with excuses she can't come, I really didn't feel like finishing them up.

On a happier note, here's a cute pic I took today of Eunny, one of the Yorkies:


lunaticraft said...

I'm so sorry to hear that... Family can suck sometimes. Don't let them get you down. It's your day, don't let them put the damper on your excitement. Plus, you'll have your parents and your boy and his mom there for you, and they'll be proud enough for FIFTY extended families, I'd bet.

And also, a heartfelt congratulations from the world of Lunaticraft here. Enjoy the ceremony, and the degree! Trust me, one of the biggest kicks in the world is just sitting and looking at that diploma, especially when it would be time for midterms or finals. =D

(Oh, and the sock is really cute)

Anita O said...

Oh I am so sorry about that. How horrible when family disappoints you in that way...
I wish I could be there for you. How about having Shawn or Mom take some pics and post them here so I can congratulate you then. Or I can do it now.

Congrats on your HUGE accomplishment!!! I am so proud of you and all that you have done. Way to go!!!

PS Your sock looks great (as usual). And Eunny is very cute!

Megan said...

The sock looks perfect!

It is disappointing that they won't try and get along for a little while for your sake. My husband's parents are divorced and remarried and they still can be mature about being in the same place as each other for occassions like this. It certainly isn't your fault!

Congratulations and I hope you can forget about it and concentrate on your accomplishment!