Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stone Mountain & the Game Ranch

Shawn and I went to Stone Mountain and the Yellow River Game Ranch yesterday.

Stone Mountain is the largest exposed mountain in the world. It's solid granite. It's a tribute to American history and a monument to the Confederacy. Davis, Lee, and Jackson are carved into the side and there is a lasershow spectacular at dusk. Really amazing.

The game ranch has a ton of animals that just walk around... deer, squirrels, chickens, ducks, etc. You can pet and feed them all you want. There are also more dangerous animals that are kept in pens. It's really fun.

This is where General Beauregard Lee lives. He's Georgia's weather groundhog.

A cute lamb:

The bears:

More sheep:

The fattest and saddest potbelly pig ever. She was such a sweetie and really shows that pigs CAN get overweight. People love to feed the always-hungry pigs and this is what happens! I gave her lots of love and belly scratches (pb pigs LOVE having their bellies rubbed and will fall over if you scratch enough):

Coons are so cute:

A sweet doe eating from Shawn's hand:

A peacock showing off for a peahen (outside the picture):


sunsetknitter said...

Great Pics! Thanks for the comments on my cellphone pouch. I really appreciate it!

Anita O said...

That's really awesome. I love the bears. And the pig. How sweet!
How cool to have a deer eat out of your hand. Wow, I can see them walking around behind the peacock.

lizzzknits said...

I can always count on you for my cute animal fix!

lunaticraft said...

That is one giant exposed mountian! And that little lamb! Makes my heart go "awwww..."