Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax Day Update

So, it was Tax Day today. I filed mine last week and am getting some back for the federal, but had to pay a two dollars to the state! Walgreens, in its infinite wisdom, didn't take any state taxes from my checks when I did my internship last summer. Fortunately, it's only two dollars and I can manage that.

I really wanted to make it to a tea party, but classes got in the way. There was one on the square here in Dahlonega, but I wanted to go to a big one in Atlanta (where it's more of a statement). Oh well. I did mail out some pictures of tea bags to the White House April 1st.

I have 5 of my 7 assignments finished. I pulled an all-nighter Sunday night (went to bed at 7 am!) and did 4 assignments yesterday. I should be working on my big paper right now, but am kind of burnt out on it. I'll get it finished tomorrow (only one class, so plenty of time for it) and hope to also get a good start on the last assignment, if not completely finished.

I'm on my way to graduating May 1! I'm so afraid that something crazy is going to happen and I'll fail a class or something. Usually I'm a little crazy and worried about my grades this time every semester, but this time around I have all good grades and am pretty much on top of everything... which worries me! I keep thinking that things are going too well and I have to be forgetting something... an assignment, a class I forgot I'm registered for and haven't been going to all semester, something! I know I'm being silly, but I'm a worrier!

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Anita O said...

Hmm, kind of like packing for a trip and having that feeling that you are forgetting something....
I'm sure you'll do great, being Superwoman and all. And you'll finish two pairs of socks and a baby blanket on top of it all, LOL.

Take it easy. Only a few more weeks left.