Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Yarn & A New Surprise

I had to go up to Gainesville today for allergy shots and to meet Shawn's family to drop him off. On the way back home, I just had to stop in at Cast-on Cottage to use my 10% off birthday coupon (it's the store's gift to its customers).

Inside pics are so bad. I got 4 skeins of Araucania Ranco Solids (2 each in a lettuce color and a brick color). I bought these with weaving in mind, but the needles might be calling out to it... We'll see what happens. The bottom pic is a skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton in a pretty orange color. I think I'll be pairing this with a skein of olive green I have for something for my little nephew who's coming along in September...

Ok, now for the surprise part... I'm getting a new horse tomorrow! Actually, it's Shawn's horse, but he's staying with me, I'm feeding him, I'm breaking him, etc. I don't have to go far to pick him up... he's across the street at my friend's pasture. She's giving him to me since he was given to her and she doesn't have room in the pasture for more thatn two head. He's a 2 yo bay Morgan gelding named Yankee. I've been doing some searching for a nice gelding for Shawn and Yankee is perfect. Shawn has always been interested in Morgans (and they are hard to come by around here) and the boy's name was Yankee before we got him (Shawn's from New Jersey). He's a very friendly guy and we'll start training immediately. Pictures to come tomorrow!

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Anita O said...

I can never get tired looking at pics of yarn. Lovely. I really like the lettuce color.

A new horse. How exciting! Can't wait to see him.