Sunday, May 10, 2009


I had a great time in Philadelphia. I could spend weeks there, taking it all in.

The yarn, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, and buttons are from our stop at Loop (the buttons are so cute... dinosaurs and hippos). The book is from Barnes & Noble.

We went to the Eastern Pennsylvania Penitentary. It was really great. Shawn and I are both Criminal Justice minors and have studied the Pennsylvania Model, so it was neat to be able to actually see it.

This is a view down cell block one:

The prison was designed like a wheel so that the guards were central and could see down all the cell blocks. It was a system of solitary confinement, work, and silence.

Al Capone was here for a while. His cell was a lot nicer than most.

This is an outside alley, leading toward the synagogue.

The star on the left was found in the rubble (the prison was in shambles before being renovated). Two were on the door, which still has the marks from them.

This dog was a prisoner. "Pep" the black Lab killed the governor's wife's cat, so he sent him to be a prisoner.

The outside of the prison. It was designed to look like a castle to invoke fear (it was built when people still remembered the English monarchy and castles symbolized power).

Now, the Liberty Bell:

And Independence Hall (we didn't go in, though... next time!):

I love the history! I could just drink it up.


Anita O said...

Nice stuff you got there. I really need to take a look at Philly. Looks so interesting and so rich with history!
The prison looks very cool too. Thanks for showing the pics. And the virtual tour!

sunsetknitter said...

Great Pictures! You weren't that far from me. I've never done the prison tour. I've heard it's great.
Did you eat anywhere good? Philly has some great restaurants and museums.