Sunday, May 3, 2009

Poor Shawn

My poor bebe. His beloved car, Swifty, died today. Shawn was out driving and his engine caught on fire due to a tear in his fuel line. Thank God he was able to pull into a parking lot (of a church, actually) when it happened and he was able to get himself and his bookbag (with his second material love, his computer (the car was the first)) out unharmed. The car is ruined and is headed to the junk yard. The entire backend (it's a rear-engine car) and most of the cab went up in flames.

I wasn't with him when it happened and he called me, crying, saying something about his car and a fire. Of course, I immediately worried and the worst came to mind... he had been in a wreck and was trapped in a burning car, calling to say his goodbye. I'm so thankful that he is Ok. Cars can be replaced, but the boy is a one of a kind.

I feel so bad for him. He loved that car. He just boohooed on the phone and all I wanted to do was reach through it and hug him. He's feeling better now and the search is on for another car. We had cancelled our trip to New Jersey to have the money for a car, but Shawn's wonderful grandfather has given him all the money (and then some) needed for the trip.

On a happier note, my mom and I went out on a mother-daughter date today. We saw the Wolverine movie (very good, by the way, if you're into X-Men) and went to Michael's. I got some goodies for swaps (and myself and mom):

The picture things are magnets.

Isn't this sheep stuff cute? Perfect for swapping.
I also jumped on the Baby Surprise Jacket bandwagon. I'm using cotton (EZ is rolling in her grave right now, but it's really the only washable striped yarn I have in sufficient amounts). It's supposed to be for Cory & Haylee's baby on the way (Shawn's brother and SIL), but is turning out so cute I may have to add it to my future baby pile.

Sorry the pics are soooo bad. I forget to take pics until it's dark out and the lighting is awful in here.

Tomorrow should be a good day. I'm going to meet Shawn in Atlanta to pick him up, then we are going to Gainesville for my allergy shots (yes, I have to drive 2.5 hours one way once a week because no other doc will take me) and, afterward, we are going to North Ga to let Johnny Cash and Snoopy (my poodles) play on the drill field. He'll be staying until Friday, when we leave for NJ.

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