Monday, May 11, 2009

Things I've Learned About Up North So Far

This is my first time up North (other than the one time I've been to Virginia... and, yes, Virginia is North because it certainly isn't South. I've learned a few things...

1. The water here isn't as good as it is at home. It seems softer or something.

2. "Water Ice" is actually a slushy of some sort. I saw a sign for "Homemade Water Ice" and thought it was kind of silly because isn't all ice homemade from water? Now I realize it's a sno-cone or something like that.

3. The people here can be a little rude. But not all of them are, like I thought they would be.

4. There isn't sweet tea anywhere.

5. Hot tea is drank up like water. I love hot tea, but it isn't a normal drink that people go for everyday. It seems to be a staple for every meal up here (with milk in it. Yuck).

6. I think everyone is a devout Christian/Catholic. And they call the South the Bible Belt?

7. You have to pay for everything... the toll roads are 4.00 or more (it's 50 cents in Ga!), you have to pay to park (I've never used or really seen a parking meter in real life before today), you have to pay to go on the beach. It's kind of ridiculous.

8. Everything is more expensive up here. In Pennsylvania, the Taco Bell was at least a full dollar more for each item than it is at home. The Walmart was outrageously expensive.

9. They do talk with a different accent. I'm the only one everywhere we go that speaks "the right way" (I think, at least!). Shawn doesn't have a Southern accent at all (but it's not quite Northern either).

10. The Amish do live in Lancaster, Pa, and aren't quite like I thought they would be. There are a lot of Hassidic Jews in New Jersey.


lizzzknits said...

enjoy the differences, especially the foods!

Anita O said...

Interesting about the tea. I live in the Midwest, no sweet tea anywhere (except McD's which is only $1 for a humongo cup!) And we have a larg-ish Amish community to the south of us. It's cool to drive through there and see the horse and buggies. boy do they live a different life.
So, do they have pay toilets there too?
Sounds like lots of fun!