Thursday, May 14, 2009


Shawn and I decided to go off on our own today. We went to northern New Jersey to drive around the area he lived for a while. Afterward, we ate at the Spinning Wheel Diner:

It was delicious and the name was so fitting for me!

After lunch we went to Main Street in Clinton. It was such a nice area... so cute and what I think of when I think of the ideal Main Street anywhere. This is a view of part of it:

This is Shawn after we left a really cute bead shop (I got the beads for my wedding wrap and the hand-binding scarf!

From there we went to Lyndhurst to go to the Medieval Times dinner show. I had gone to the Arabian Nights one a few times and to the Dixie Stampede (Dolly Parton's Civil War show) and really wanted to go to this one. There is one in Georgia, but we are cheap and have never put out the cash for it. Since we're on vacation right now, why not splurge a little? Some people think this kind of thing is corny, but we love it. Shawn and I had a really good time. Some of the pics aren't the best because of the movement, but you get the idea. I also got some great video.
All the plates were pewter (which I love) and you got no silverware. You had to eat everything with your hands. We had tomato bisque soup (YUM), garlic bread, the best roasted chicken I've ever had, a spare rib, a baked potato, and an apple turnover.

This is the main announcer guy (the "chancellor to the court").

We were sitting the the Red Knight's section and this is the guy we rooted for.

The Andalusian studs (and they really were studs like they said, which I was impressed with). They did some amazing dressage moves.

The Red Knight and the Blue Knight getting ready to sword fight.
Here's a pic of the loot of the day:

A hand-sculpted mouse figurine from a dog shop on Main Street and a Standard Poodle sticker for my truck from the same place, a souvenir cup from Medieval Times, an Excalibur letter opener from Medieval Times for Arthur (he thinks he's King Arthur), and the beads. The gold ones are going on the hand-binding scarf (I have white 100% silk laceweight for it) and the white beads are going on the wedding wrap (Clapotis in garnet red Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk).


Anita O said...

Main Street, USA. How quaint!

I've never been to a show like that before. Looks very interesting. I keep getting pictures in my head of "The Cable Guy" where Jim Carey and Matthew Broderick are jousting. Funny stuff. How cool to eat without utensils and off pewter. I need to get to one of those.

Looks like a fun day. Thanks for showing off your pics!

Turtle said...

what a day! that is too funny about the cafe!