Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wedding Knitting

This is my wedding wrap! It's the Clapotis and the beads are going to be in the dropped stitches. I started it last night and am surprised at how quickly it's going. I'll probably get kind of bored during the straight sections (all that stockinette!), but love is put into each stitch! The beads are just pearlescent white e beads purchased in New Jersey, near Shawn's hometown. The color is pretty true to real life.

I am afraid of running out of yarn. This is supposed to be a wrap, so needs to be a little longer than the pattern calls for. I only have 870 or so yards of this dk weight yarn, Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca & Silk, so we'll see. I did find several on Ravelry done in less that seem large enough, so there's hope. If I need more, I'll try to find some of the same dye lot (difficult since I purchase this yarn over a year ago).

I frogged the BSJ since I forgot where I was in the pattern and am not that motivated toward it right now. I'll be starting a really cute jacket in Wool-Ease soon for my nephew in the making. I finished the first sock of the Acorn Stash Sock and will cast on for the other tonight or tomorrow.


I also got my Color Swap 3 package today! It actually arrived the 22nd, but the mailman didn't leave it in the gate and didn't leave a note about it. One of the hostesses pm'd me and I went straight to the post office to pick it up!

I gave the options of red, orange, or turquoise and, obviously, my pal chose red. I got Animal Crackers (gone, by the way, they didn't last long between me, the dogs, and the rats (oh, come on, I have to give the babies something!)), Twizzlers, a wonderful handmade project back (perfect for keeping my Clapotis safe), handmade stitch markers (again, perfect for the Clap), a nice card, KP Cotlin, and Classic Elite Alaska. A great package!


Jo said...

The Clapotis is very pretty. I love the color.

Tekgirl said...

So much pretty red! And you know, it always amazes me just how much knitting you manage to get done!

Anita O said...

I think you'll have plenty of yarn for your Clapotis. They do get quite a bit larger, especially after you start dropping stitches. Very pretty color!

What a great package!

lunaticraft said...

That looks like it's going to be beautiful. The beads are a very nice addition. Can't wait to see it once all the stitches are dropped!