Monday, May 18, 2009

WIP Check

I'm dealing with a case of startitis. I haven't really cast on for that much, but I'm definitely feeling the pull! I've resisted so far, but have several patterns printed out to be cast on for at any time.

Here's what I do have going on right now:

These are cloths for the RAK Back To School set going to Portugal (hopefully soon). I have Friday's cloth knit (waiting for weaving in and the chain stitch word) and am working on Saturday's cloth.

Here's the BSJ. Haven't touched it in a while, but I'll get to it soon.

Cast on for this yesterday. It's Anne Hanson's Acorn Stash Sock in Neighborhood Yarn Co. Watershed (Cooper Circle colorway). My mom and I both started this yesterday (hers is in Knit Picks Essentials in the Pumpkin colorway). The pattern is a bit fiddly, but very fun and addictive. I'll have to get better pics soon that really show off the pattern.

I'm also working on my career socks, which is almost finished. I'm working on the heel of the second one. Can't wait to be finished with these. Hibernating are the wedding afghan and scrappy rug.

To be started soon: my wedding wrap (Clapotis in BSA Alpaca Silk), the wedding hand binding scarf (Waves of Grain in 100% silk laceweight), a chevron scarf (2 colors of Tofutsies), and maybe a few other little things

Here's a cute pic of the dogs napping on the couch (which is hideous... it was really cheap and we haven't reupholstered it yet!). Left to right: Josie, Gabby, Gideon, and Eunny

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Anita O said...

Yeah, don't you hate it when all these things want to be knit, but you don't have the time? I think knitters should have at least 4- arms. Can you imagine making three or four projects at once? LOL.

Great work, of course!

The dogs shot is priceless. Nice.