Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yay for me!

So, I'm a college graduate. I have a B.A. (history major, criminal justice minor). Like I can actually do anything with a Bachelors, but, hey, I worked hard for 5 years to get the thing! Actually, I'm being silly, I am going to use my degree (just not the field I studied)... I'll start working as an assistant manager for Walgreens this June. Not the dream job, but it's a job which is a lot more than many graduates have right now. And, a well-paying job at that.

I have decided that I do want to keep going and get my Masters (maybe even the Doctorate...). Can't start grad school until at least fall 2010, but it's the plan/goal. I want to actually use my major and can only do that with grad school.

The graduation ceremony went so well and I'm so glad that I decided to participate in it. My parents, brother, one uncle, one cousin, and Shawn and his mom and sister were there. I was so surprised and happy that my uncle and cousin could make it (his other kids had school stuff and couldn't come and my aunt had to watch them). He was actually the one uncle I thought wouldn't come. As for the rest of the fam, well, they're still my family of course, but they can't expect me to really go out of my way for them right now. I am trying not to be this way, but I am for a little bit, at least.

Pics of the ceremony to come soon. My parents are photographers and used to own a photo studio/developing store and went with old school film to take pics with. Once we get it developed I'll scan it in and show off to everyone!

Here are the goodies I got as gifts (the lighting was weird in my room last night, so the pics aren't the greatest):

This is my new camera, from Shawn! It's a camcorder/camer combo. His mom/sister got me 2 4GB memory cards to go along with the one (also 4GB) Shawn got me. Plenty of storage for videos and pics!

From my dad (not the memory card, though): a TomTom (yes!) and a keychain digital picture holder thing.

From my cousin... Isn't this giant pup cute? Raelynn is 7 or 8 and picked this out herself.

I also got more than enough cash to cover my trip to New Jersey (Shawn and I are going to visit his family and are leaving the 8th (my 22nd birthday!)) and to get some things paid off, etc.

Here is a pic of a swap package I'm sending off Monday. It's for the Color Swap Three. My pal's favorite color is one of my faves... turquoise. I'm sending her some handmade soap (made by someone in my spinning guild), 2 yards of turquoise fabric, handmade stitchmarkers, a handmade card, a postcard with weaving on it (she's a weaver), a copy of Spin-Off magazine (knitting patterns and a good weaving article in it), the handmade sock keeper I got at Stitches (she's a new sock knitter), some buttons, some cord, a googly-eyed sheep keychain, and the Ellen's Half Pint Farm 100% merino sock yarn. I hope my pal likes it!


lunaticraft said...


So glad to hear that everything went well. And congrats on the job! Even if it's not a dream job, it's at least something you can count on until you decide to move on, and that's certianly something amazing! =D

Enjoy being a grad, and welcome to being a higher education alumna!

Anita O said...

Yay!! I'm so happy for you. Sounds like it went smashingly well.

You're a great swap partner. I think your pal will LOVE it!