Monday, June 8, 2009

Bad Pics

My pictures are horrible today. They were taken yesterday night, so bad blurry inside flashy pictures.

Some spinning stuff going on here... I got another skein of the Romney x finished. I'm making a worsted weight Navajo-plied (3-ply) for a pullover. I think I'm going to make the Tree Jacket with it.

I also started spinning the 4 ounces of Lisa Souza superwash merino I got at Stitches South. This is almost 4 ounces spun up into a finer singles. I think it will end up being a 2-ply sport weight. I love how vibrant colors are often muted when spun, especially when there's white in the roving. Sorry the pictures don't show the color at all; I'll get better pictures once it's all spun up, plied, and washed.

Today was my first day at work. Yes, I did wear my career socks! The job is Ok. Definitely not my dream job, but it's well-paying and has excellent benefits. Being just out of college, that's a pretty good deal, one that's definitely too good to pass up at the moment. For those of you that can't remember (or started reading the blog later than last summer), I am a MGT (assistant manager) for Walgreens.


lizzzknits said...

Not every job has to be a dream job. But I have heard they are a good company to work for.

Nice spinning!

Anita O said...

Congrats on your new job.

Can't wait to see the finished yarn when it's all done!

lunaticraft said...

Hey, a job is a job! Congrats! =D And the yarn looks totally yummy!