Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So, I got them sooner than expected. I have one more little girl, a black French/German cross, that will be coming home July 6.

This is Gypsy. That's what the breeder named her because she fell out of the cage when she was a tiny babe (eyes not even opened, so less than 10 days old) and crawled all the way across the barn. She's a chestnut, 1/8 Giant Angora, the rest English Angora.

This is Lola, Gypsy's sister. She's a tortoiseshell.

This is Barkley. He's a blue, 1/2 Satin Angora, will have to check pedigrees for the other half.

Isn't he sweet? This is Meatball, a broken black. He's half French and I'll have to check his pedigree to see what the other half is.

Meatball's sister, Monroe (after Marilyn, for the beauty mark). She's also a broken black.

And, my boy Johnny Cash wondering what the new arrivals are.


lizzzknits said...

Really cute bunnies. Do you plan to spin up any of their fur?

We have wild bunnies living under my porch, but they run and hid when I try to take their photo. I guess they are shy.

Anita O said...

Oh so cute!! Lola looks very interesting. How fun!!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh! They are too cute for words! You're so lucky, I wish I could have pets. And I love your dog's name- how appropriate.