Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fiber Update (yay!)

I've been closing the past few days, which I much prefer. I feel like I have more time to get things done. I can sleep in a little, get some fiber time in, etc. before getting on in to work.

I finished spinning the plying 4 ounces of the Lisa Souza superwash merino (purchased at Stitches South). Here it is:

The unspun fiber was mostly white with red and blue mixed in. I didn't want to keep the colors pure, just spun it all and plied it, letting the colors do what they wanted. I'm pleased with the result. Some people don't like doing the colors like this, thinking it's muddy, but I think it turned out nicely. I tend to go for non-self striping colors, preferring the less obvious striping that occurs naturally. I still have 4 more ounces to spin. Maybe a Baby Surprise Jacket? This skein came out to be Dk weight, about 198 yards.

And, the finished Back To School RAK cloths! Finally! It's shameful how long I've been working on these. They just weren't fun. They'll be on their way to Portugal next week.

What little I have on the Ribbed Baby Jacket. Exciting, huh?


lunaticraft said...

Glad to hear you're kind of finding a niche for fibering (totally not a word, but whatev.) in the world of work! Those cloths turned out awesome, not fun as they may have been. And the yarn is beautiful. I don't think it's muddy at all, just pretty and soft with the color.

Anita O said...