Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Flowers, Knitting, and Bunny Drama

My mom wanted me to put up some of her flowers for everyone to see.

The garden is growing well and we've had a bunch of cucumbers, squash, and green beans. We would have corn, but Thumper got loose a while back and ate all the baby stalks.

I have been knitting... some. This thing, my dad's Fathers' Day bag, is getting there. It's going to be felted, so I do have a good bit more left to do before starting the strap. I think it's impossible to get a pic on the front porch without doggy noses in it! The blur is Johnny Cash and the nose under him is Black Jack.

Ok, speaking of Johnny Cash, I'm mad at him. He got into my rabbit barn, which is supposed to be dog-proof, and bit the toes of a few of my rabbits. He found a tiny space to squeeze into. We have that totally fixed up now and there's no way he can get in now. The bites weren't too bad... just a few missing toenails, nothing major. Looks worse than it is. The buns are on a round of antibiotics and we're fly spraying the barn several times a day to prevent fly strike. I've had this happen before (the bitten toes) and it's no big deal. BUT, he did get one rabbit, my sweet Meatball, pretty good. Good enough that I had to go to the vet this morning for bunny surgery. Fortunately, I worked there before/a little during college, so I have connections and got to assist (wow, do I love surgery!). We had to amputate all the toes on the back feet, one on one front foot, and 2 on the other. Yikes! Poor Meatball did well in surgery, woke up Ok (always the biggest concern for exotics surgery), and is now eating, drinking, and wanting to move around some. His feet (what's left, at least) look awful, but we're hoping and praying that everything heals ok and quickly. And, is able to move around ok later (I think he'll be ok if he heals up properly). I have pics, but won't show them here since some may find them graphic.
Meatball is now my special pet and will live a pampered life because he's surely deserved it!


Sunsetknitter said...

The flowers are beautiful!

Anita O said...

Beautiful flowers.

Poor Meatball. Hope he gets better soon.